Disney+ discount offer ratchets up pressure on Apple TV+

Apple TV+, coming this fall, is the new home for the world’s most celebrated creative artists
Apple TV+, coming this fall, is the new home for the world’s most celebrated creative artists

Disney+ discount demand crashed its preorder website. Disney said the outage occurred because of an unexpected surge in traffic for a discounted presale offer.

Joan E. Solsman for CNET:

The “Founders Circle” deal significantly cut the price of the service if you commit to a three-year subscription.

The D23 site and the Disney Plus service itself don’t share backend technology, so one of them crashing under heavy traffic doesn’t necessarily presage bandwidth problems for the other. And the offer was mostly targeted at Disney fan-club members, the people most likely to flood the company with interest.

The “Founders Circle” deal essentially gives you one year of the service free if you pay for two years. It works out to be $140.97 total, or the equivalent of $3.92 a month, compared with the $7-a-month price if you don’t make a long-term commitment.

MacDailyNews Take: All of which highlights the pressure on Apple to get the price right with Apple TV+.

$9.99/mo. for a relative smattering of content vs. under $4/mo. (or even $6.99/mo.) is a tough sell; not that Apple can’t make the sale, but it’ll be tougher.


  1. I see nothing compelling about anything I’ve seen from Apple in the previews that have shown up.. I think they are wasting billions of $$ better spent on other products or lowering prices to be more competitive with what they do have.

  2. If Apple wants to crush it, they will bundle Apple Music ($9.99 stand-alone) with Apple TV+… $12.99 a month. I would spring for that. But $9.99 for a few more shows? I don’t watch many shows, I watch live sports, and a few movies, that’s about it…

    In fact, Apple can make any 2+ combo work:

    Apple TV+ = $9.99 monthly
    Apple Music + Apple TV = $12.99 monthly
    Apple News + Apple TV = $12.99 monthly
    Apple Arcade ($4.99 monthly) + Apple TV = $9.99 monthly

    Basically, bundle any other of Apple service with Apple TV+ and get a discount.

    THIS is how Apple can get people to move on Apple TV+ without a lot of hesitation. But if Apple provides no bundling:

    A. They are NOT leveraging what they have, which is completely stupid…
    B. They are creating a price barrier and it’s a wait and see for millions of people. If people like me hear “meh, some shows are good but eh, probably not worth $9.99 a month” then I’m never moving on it.

    I wouldn’t mind getting Apple Music, but not at $9.99 a month. But if a bundle arrives for Apple TV+ and Apple Music for $12.99 I can justify that and turn on Home Sharing and I think my family will be pleased with that, and we’d dump Netflix. Don’t care about Stranger Things, and my kiddo’s can find it pretty easily online, that I am sure of.

    HINT: Apple (Tim are you listening?!), please sign up Pac-12 Network to Apple TV+!
    A. Pac-12’s Larry Scott is sucking wind and figuring this stuff out – help him out!
    B. New Pac-12 app for Apple TV? What?! Again, he has tons of pressure to make more money and deals for the Pac-12, so you are in a great position to bring in some live sports to those on the West Coast that watch and care about College Football (we that graduated from these places that have jobs that can pay for your services – duh… take our money!). You should get a great deal from Larry right now.

    C. Bottom Line: Apple TV+ gets Pac-12 network, I’m in at $9.99 or whatever. And no, I don’t have cable. Never have. Cord cutter all the way.

    1. You could add to the bundling options a couple other things:

      A. iTunes Match—If you have ever used this service, you will never want to be without it.
      B. iCloud storage upgrades

  3. Like I told Walt Disney’s family back in the day, sometime in the late 1970s, one day this Apple upstart will be buying Disney. In 2019, they will at last. Simple when you’re a genius like me.

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