Apple donating money to help preserve and restore Amazon rainforests ravaged by fire

Apple CEO Tim Cook said today on Twitter that Apple plans to donate money to “help preserve and restore” the Amazon forest.

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Cook’s announcement comes following devastating fires that have been raging in Brazil for the past several weeks destroying the vulnerable rainforest.

Cook did not say how much money Apple plans to donate, but in similar situations in the past, Apple has offered $1 million or more to organizations like the Red Cross for fire relief purposes.

MacDailyNews Take: We knew it was only a matter of time before Apple invested in Amazon… er, the Amazon!

MacDailyNews Note: The Brazilian state of Rondonia has 6,436 fires burning so far this year in it, according to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE). “NASA says the state has become one of the most deforested states in the Amazon. Brazil has 85% more fires burning than this time last year — up to 80,626 nationwide as of Sunday night,” CNN reports.

number of fires in brazil 2013-2019

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  1. thank you Apple!!!

    My country also shares the Amazonas and we are so disappointed seeing that for the Notre Dame fire about €280.000.00 were rised in 24 hours…. and €0 for the Amazonas fire in the first 2 weeks after it started.

  2. Apple’s amazon fire money into the Brazilian president’s pockets? No. Therefore, Apple’s gesture must be a PR initiative be ause it will not go directly, as it must and should, into fire abatemwnt.

  3. The Brazilian President wants more money, or he won’t take it. Besides, he allowed the fires to increase this year, because he wants to burn the forest down.

    Any donations will just be wasted, as it’ll go into pockets.

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