Are Apple iPhones and derivatives leaking more radiation than we think?

iPhone 7
iPhone 7 in Jet Black

An investigation by the Chicago Tribune suggests iPhones and Galaxy models may exceed radio frequency radiation safety limits.

Jackson Ryan for CNET:

Apple and Samsung phones released over the last three years may be producing radio frequency radiation at levels higher than current Federal Communications Commission limits allow, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune.

The new report demonstrates that older phone models, operating in the 3G and 4G bands, have the potential to exceed the FCC’s safe limits by up to as much as five times.

The results show that iPhone 7 radio frequency absorption levels were among the worst offenders, with a SAR almost two to four times higher than the safety limit when tested 2 mm from the body. The three Samsung Galaxy models also showed higher absorption at the same distance, with the Galaxy S8 topping out with a reading of 8.22W/kg, five times higher than the current standard.

The report states that the FCC will now conduct its own tests over the coming months but they told the Tribune the testing was “not as comprehensive” as those usually filed for official compliance reports.

MacDailyNews Take: If basically every phone tested doesn’t match their FCC compliance filings, perhaps something is wrong with the “not as comprehensive” Chicago Tribune testing?

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  1. The FCC standard requires measurement at 5 to 15 mm from the body. A perfectly compliant device at that distance will exceed the standard by over 56 times if it is measured at 2 mm (15 squared compared to 2 squared). Any reasonably competent eighth-grader knows that broadcast energy declines with the square of the distance. Evidently the Tribune failed junior-high physical science.

  2. This might explain the strange growth appearing on my outer left thigh, roughly where I usually pocket my iPhone. For the past several weeks I’ve noticed the area glowing in the dark (kind of a ghostly blue color) and — this is really weird — the features seem to be taking on the contours of an oversized human ear.

    Should I be worried? I’m only using an iPhone SE.

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