‘The Morning Show’ won’t help sell Apple TV+… yet

Apple TV+, coming this fall, is the new home for the world’s most celebrated creative artists
Apple TV+, coming this fall, is the new home for the world’s most celebrated creative artists

Apple TV+ is a new streaming service from Apple where the most creative minds in TV and film tell the kinds of stories only they can. Featuring original shows and movies across every genre, Apple TV+ is coming this fall exclusively on the Apple TV app.

The Entertainment Oracle for Seeking Alpha:

We may not know when Apple’s new TV+ service launches … or how much it costs or how many ways we can access it or how much content it will have … but we do have a full trailer for one of its first shows.

The good news is the (long-form) trailer looks exactly like we’d expect from a TV show with this level of cast involved and reaction has been (mostly) positive… Bloomberg is saying the service will launch in November at a $9.99 price point following a free trial. The report also states the service will begin with limited programming and then expand out over time.

Now it bears repeating this is unofficial and, for all we know, Apple will plan some sort of package deal with Apple Music and Apple News+ as some sort of power bundle. Or not – but there’s got to be something else that they haven’t revealed yet because on the surface it’s a little confusing. As a result, shareholders have to question what is taking Apple so long with details.

“Morning Show” probably fits right at home into the tech giant’s streaming plans, but until we know and see the full complement of offerings, along with all the basic details, there’s something lost in translation … and we will likely be waiting at least a few more weeks for clarity.

MacDailyNews Take: TEO’s entire problem seems to be wanting to know the details before Apple is ready to reveal them. Hello? This is how Apple works!

Not knowing pricing or the launch lineup doesn’t mean “The Morning Show” and Apple’s other original content won’t help sell Apple TV+ – they already are helping to sell Apple TV+.


  1. I am glad that MDN feels the same because nothing was more confusing than what this article was trying to say. I assume as they had nothing new to actually add they were simply trying to make a comment upon that lack of side info by introducing a form of conspiracy theory to explain their lack of actual knowledge or ability to acquire it from inside the Company or elsewhere. Why didn’t they just say move along we know nothing more able to work it out for ourselves.

  2. Apple is trying to be the next HBO which I think could be a good thing. Especially if they create a “Apple Media” bundle of Music, TV and News. $14.99-$19.99/month. I would totally subscribe.

  3. Apple is bringing a knife to a gun fight. A butter knife.

    I don’t know how they plan to compete with streaming services that either have decades of material in their libraries (Disney, HBO Max, NBC/Universal), or an enormous head start in terms of content and subscribers and a willingness to spend even more for talent (Netflix).

  4. OK. The setup is excellent but I have little faith that subsequent shows can be as lively, but I have only very marginal interest for even more entertainment.

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