The fate of Apple’s iTunes Store in macOS Catalina

Kirk McElhearn for Kirkville:

With the new Music app in macOS Catalina, which retains most of the music functions of iTunes, but sloughs off the other media kinds that the previous app managed, there is a change in the way the iTunes Store is handled. In some cases, users won’t even see the iTunes Store…

If a user has an Apple Music account, they won’t see the iTunes Store. You can display it, if you wish, in the Music app’s Preferences, on the General pane, but if you’re a streamer, you won’t see it by default.

The iTunes Store is certainly not going away, but Apple is considering that streamers don’t want to buy music… It’s interesting that, while Apple has made the interfaces of the four apps that replace iTunes (Music, TV, Podcasts, and Books) very similar, two of these apps retain the tabbed navigation bar: TV and Books. And these are both apps where there is more content to purchase than to stream.

MacDailyNews Take: As Apple breaks up the bloated iTunes, new opportunities for bloat multiply! On thing we’d like to see as Apple Music subscribers are the “song popularity,” “ratings and reviews,” and “related” metrics and lists that iTunes Store offers when viewing albums.


  1. I’d like the option to never see Apple Music. I’m a music downloader so, by Apple’s reasoning, I should never want to see a streaming app.
    “Make it so, No. 1”

  2. Sorry, I have more CDs than I really need. I’ll buy some on iTunes but will also hit the used CD shops for less expensive alternatives.

    My Granddaughter, however, streams and sees no need to own a CD. She just turned 18 so how much will she have spent streaming when she turns 75 like I will on Thursday?

  3. I stream and download. Sounds like that’s going to be a problem. I’m already seeing cases where I buy something and it doesn’t download, or downloads and does not appear in the Purchased playlist. Getting it out of the cloud and onto a local playlist requires gymnastics that weren’t needed until I subscribed to Apple Music.

  4. I have spent a lot of money with iTunes over the years, and have computers that cannot run the newest operating system. Guess all of that money will be going down the drain as of September.

    Amazon Music, here I come!

  5. I’m in agreement — subscribing to Apple Music would cost $120/year, much more than I might spend per year in the iTunes store, which might total $40-$60 tops. Also, since the Catalina upgrade, the search engine in the store has disappeared on my iMac, but not on my iPad nor my phone. Annoying.

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