Why Apple’s 2019 iPhones won’t have 5G

Apple's 5.8-inch iPhone XS and 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max (right)
Apple’s current 5.8-inch iPhone XS and flagship 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max (right)

You’ll have to wait until 2020 for iPhone 5G.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for ZDNet:

The truth is, it isn’t that the iPhone isn’t ready for 5G, it’s that 5G isn’t ready for the iPhone.

ZDNet’s sister site CNET has been looking at 5G from the perspective of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch, and the conclusion is that 5G isn’t ready for prime time

While a 5G-capable iPhone would no doubt legitimize the technology, Apple neither needs 5G to sell iPhones nor does it need the blow-back from consumers who are dissatisfied by what it has to offer.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 11 is going to be all about the camera(s) and that’s going to sell a lot of units to people who thought they might be waiting until next year’s 5G iPhone.

Smart Frame is going to be a tent pole feature. Expect this batch of iPhones, the last one prior to the start of the iPhone 5G super cycle in late 2020, to focus on the triple camera array, Smart Frame, and other camera-related features as the main selling point.


      1. When i buy i look at net cost ( after selling/trading present phone) not the full price of the phone….

        To me the, camera is a very important part of the phone.

    1. I’m with you Fesarius. My iPhone XS Max will be 2 years old when Apple might launch a 5G iPhone. I’d like to have 5G performance, but all the hype in the world (from the carriers) won’t speed up its deployment. We’ll get close to full coverage in 2021, not before. By then my iPhone XS Max will be 3 years old, and I’ll be more than ready to upgrade.

      Oh, and I love the XS Max. Great camera.

  1. I would be quite surprised if Apple actually produces a 5G phone next year. The rollout of 5G is going to be very slow and painful, especially for the telcos. You’re going to need an antenna on every telephone/light pole and you’re going into o need theM inside your houses and condos and offices, too, since the signal doesn’t go through walls. It’ll be harder than WiFi to get a signal. Hell, it doesn’t even go around corners!!!

    1. 5G will have several different frequency bands and multiple waveforms. The lower frequencies combined with some waveforms absolutely will penetrate your home’s walls unless you live in a home with foot thick concrete walls and you’ve painted your exterior or interior with a metallic based paint. In that case even LTE and LTE-A won’t make it into your home unless you stand near a window.

      Yes, micro cells will be a very big deal, but the statement, “You’re going to need an antenna on every telephone/light pole…” is a gross exaggeration. Every 400 or so yards will be plenty, and that density will likely only exist along stretches of the 405 and LIE and similar places.

      I’m absolutely not a fan of all the hype over 5G. It is a good next step, but the hype of it being able to do everything from high speed mobile connections to ground or airborne to satellite connections is just asinine. No one set of waveforms can be all things for all uses even though much of the hype of 5G says it can.

      1. OK. but many of us live and work inside such concrete and steel spaces in the our cities. Millions of us, in fact.

        We may be running into the developed country problem where places that are way behind in development can leap-frog us by jumping from virtually nothing to the complete new thing very quickly. Take Costa Rica: they went from very hard to get Land-line phones to completely available and affordable cellphones in 10 years. Everyone has a phone now. So, along comes 5G and they’re sort of behind the 8 ball like us because they’ve spent the bundle on LTE already.

    1. The only risk is that a bit of 5G directed at your brain might produce the side effect of some decent work from you. Sad that this is what it will take, so bring on 5G, I say, and beam it at JD, A!

  2. I helped Al Gore invent the Internet and I helped figure out the algorithms needed to make 5G work. Walter Mitty was also an inspiration to me. Hillary wouldn’t take my advice and we all saw “what happened”.

  3. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about 5G. WAPs are everywhere and LTE suffices otherwise. All 5G will do is give the telecoms another reason to throttle you at the most inopportune moment when you really need it.

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