Apple’s MacBook Face ID could be even better than the iPhone’s

Don Reisinger, LAPTOP Magazine:

Apple’s Face ID has been a popular biometric security feature for the iPhone. But now there’s reason to believe it could be a winner on the Mac.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Apple a patent on a new, more sophisticated Face ID that could make its way to the Mac. According to the patent, which was earlier reported on by 9to5Mac, Apple’s Face ID would have two key features in addition to standard biometric features you already get in the iPhone.

First up, the Face ID feature would be constantly evaluating what’s in front of the laptop. Even if you don’t physically interact with the computer for a period of time, Face ID will see that you’re in front of the machine and stop it from going into sleep mode… Secondly, Apple has devised a way for the Mac to know when you’re getting close, look for your face, and quickly unlock your machine as you sit down in front of the computer.

MacDailyNews Take: No more being confronted with a sleeping screen and have to type in a password or use Touch ID to get back to using your Mac!


  1. I always wondered why Apple did not incorporate Face ID in Macs. When you sit in front of Macs (directly facing it), or open laptops (already slightly upward to see your face), you face is right there to unlock your machine. Enough bezel real estate to incorporate cameras as well.
    iPhone OTOH…. It’s constantly handled by “hands”, not awlays facing you and you have to bring the device to properly face you. Solution in such cases? Touch ID.
    Forward thinking, forward thinking Mr.Cook. No significant technical diffficulties involved.

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