One week with the revolutionary new Apple Card

Created by Apple and designed for iPhone, Apple Card brings together Apple’s hardware, software and services to transform the entire credit card experience.
Created by Apple and designed for iPhone, Apple Card brings together Apple’s hardware, software and services to transform the entire credit card experience.

Anabel Pasarow for REFINERY29:

I’ve been using my very own Apple Card since last week, and while I don’t yet have my physical card, I’m super impressed with the digital card (which is more beneficial to use than the physical card, anyway — more on this later). Ever since making it my default Apple Pay and Safari auto-fill card, I’ve been using it exclusively (well, except for places that don’t take Apple Pay), without having to whip out my wallet. And I’m here to tell you: it’s good.

My favorite feature by far is the Daily Cash, which sets Apple Card apart from some of its competitors by doing away with points altogether. Instead of complicated incentives or bonuses, there are three simple rewards tiers with Apple Card: You get 3% Daily Cash on all Apple purchases, 2% Daily Cash with every Apple Pay transaction, and 1% every time you use your physical card… You get Daily Cash every day, and you can use it whenever.

There’s something really satisfying about being able to see that cash amount so plainly (which, by the way, I can transfer into my external bank account, send via iMessage, or use to pay down my credit card bill at any time). I can also break down my transactions into spending categories or view them by merchant — which makes it really easy to view spending patterns. Plus, no more confusion around that mystery vendor on your credit card bill.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple and Goldman Sachs have a big winner on their hands here. Anecdotally, and via our own poll from a few weeks back, it looks like many really want to get their own Apple Card!


    1. Apple Pay is not limited to MasterCard. If your bank works with Apple Pay you can use a Visa, Discover Card etc.

      I think you meant to say Apple Card, not Apple Pay.

    2. Link to Costco customer service. Clearly says that they accept Visa (not other issuers). And clearly says that they accept ApplePay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. “Whatever” is correct that Costco formerly did not accept ApplePay, but now they do.

  1. Costco DOES accept Apple Pay contrary to “whatever”‘s post here. I don’t use Master Cards but prefer Visa (both companies are great performing stocks BTW) and it is the fastest processing at Costco of any other places I shop like Trader Joe’s, Target, restaurants, etc.

  2. Apple Card looks cool… but i like using my points to travel…

    i can see how this is a good card tho if we are talking about buying a bunch of Apple product

    1. The Apple Card paybacks are not limited Apple products. 2% payback on all purchases is CASH to spend anywhere, or deposit into your bank. I’ve been using the Costco VISA because you can always drop a bundle there. Speaking of the Costco card, if you take the rewards vouchers they send you into the store, they will exchange them for cash. So that’s pretty sweet too.

      I think you have to look closer at the payment policies, late fees and other charges on the Apple card too. I recall they had some unique features there that differentiate the card from others.

  3. This is the heaviest piece of titanium [Apple card] I’ve ever hefted. I’m challenging the claim that the card is titanium. Prove it. I also have a Chase Sapphire card, for travel, which is stainless steel laminated between two plastic surfaces, and the Apple card is noticeably heavier, which it shouldn’t be if it was truly titanium. …I have a titanium camping spork that weighs less than this Apple card. Hmmm?

    1. Apple haven’t announced it yet but they upgraded the cards to Applenium. It’s a new element Apple discovered during the development of the AppleCard. Nothing sticks to it and they claim it is un-bendable with normal use (wait for the lawsuits on that one).

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