Apple doubled design team staffing plans ahead of Jony Ive’s departure

Jon Marino for Thinknum:

[Apple Inc.] doubled job postings for its design division, likely in anticipation that Jony Ive – the man behind the iPhone, and so much more – would leave Apple. Last month, Ive did exactly that, departing Apple to launch his own design company not too far from the tree of its shiny new Cupertino HQ.

Apple posted fewer jobs in roles like Marketing and Corporate Functions over the course of 2019. At the same time – and over the same timeframe – the company added more jobs in categories like Machine Learning and AI, and also increased postings in the Hardware category over both Q2 and 2019.

Then there is the chart that may matter most to investors: Sales and Business Development job postings at Apple skyrocketed, particularly in the second quarter, rising 72% from 313 to start the quarter to 531 by July 1 (and, adding dozens of additional posts in the days since).

MacDailyNews Take: Prudence.


  1. I remember telling Tim that he’d need to double his design team given it was obvious Jony was set to go. Of course, I’m the one that told Jony to find new horizons, because it was obvious he wasn’t as happy as he once was. Jeez I’m good. Jeez I’m God.

      1. You effing fool. I am no imposter, I am the real deal. You cannot deny that I, Citizen X, have been a seminally important figure in the last 40 years of tech, I have simply remained in the closet, cruising along with my good buddy Tom. Now I am out of the closet, proudly proclaiming to all that I have been, along with Jobs, Gates, Packard, Hewlett, Bell, Marconi, Zuckerberg, Brin, Page, Schmidt, Ellison, Winfrey and others a VERY big player in the world of tech. Coming out about this is very important for my ego. I was telling Donald about this the other day, and he agreed that grabbing your ego by the jugular and teaching it who is boss is vitally important, and at long last, I’m doing it.

        So to all you losers who think I am an imposter, no way. I am the real deal, I have come out at last, I take extreme pride in everything I have achieved which has helped in bringing forth the glowing rectangle in your hands, and that’s why you’ll never know my name, because I am so incredibly proud that you will only ever get to know me as Citizen X.

        X stands for X-cellent, because that’s who I am. The best. Friend, mentor, lover, genius to so many out there with brains the size of planets.

        1. If you really achieved all of that, then wow, you should be among the pantheon of tech greats. Hope you continue being a part of the tech world for another four decades.

          Any clues on what your next project is? Might be worth investing in given your impressive track record.

      1. I’d read a copy of that book. Are there any other achievements you can tell us about, Citizen X? I’m a real historian when it comes to technology, I remember my Dad bringing punch cards back from the office when I was a young child. Maybe some of your ancestors were part of the CTR company in 1911, before they went international in 1924? That would be quite a punchy punchline.

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