3 things Apple CEO Tim Cook wants investors to know

Danny Vena for The Motley Fool:

When Apple reported its fiscal third-quarter earnings results on Tuesday, investors were in for a pleasant surprise… The fiscal Q3 conference call offered a wealth of additional information for Apple shareholders, but these three tantalizing morsels in particular provide helpful hints to about what lies ahead for the company.

The sky isn’t falling in China: Several things appeared to contribute to the improving the results in China. Apple made a series of pricing adjustments over the past several months and at the same time Chinese officials instituted government stimulus in the form of a reduction in the value added tax. This combination of factors appear to have had the desired effect.

• It’s not just about the iPhone any more: For the first time in years, sales of the iPhone accounted for less than half of Apple’s revenue.

Wearables continues its rock-solid growth: Cook said it was an “absolutely blow out quarter for wearables,” noting several important benchmarks. Growth in the segment accelerated to “well over 50%.” This was led by the Apple Watch, which set a June quarter revenue record, with 75% of customers buying the device for the first time.

MacDailyNews Take: YKBAWID.

Apple transition from iPhone dependence to iPhone independence (diversification) is in full swing now!


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