Known bugs in macOS Mojave 10.14.6: an incomplete summary

Howard Oakley for Eclectic Light Company:

The 10.14.6 update leaves many longstanding bugs in Mojave untouched.

It does seem to bring improvements in File Sharing, and has changes in News, Notes and Photos (particularly in iCloud) which may fix other issues. The one bug which has been reported previously in this series which it does appear to address is confusion which could arise in Accent colours.

Sadly, features such as Legacy Software and the resizing of APFS disk images remain completely broken. For the final release of Mojave, that’s deeply disappointing.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s hoping there’s one more Mojave update, 10.14.7, to clear up there unresolved issues due before we move on to macOS Catalina’s public release!


  1. despite saying SMB support is improved, it still sucks. the protocol has been standard since 1992. also finder still hangs on various network related issues. this should not happen in a modern OS. a network share should not freeze up an entire GUI. macOS is the only OS i’ve used where this happens.

  2. Deeply Disappointing. That’s Tim Cook’s Apple. Tim Cook has a very high level of tolerance for poor quality. Tim Cook has very little time for attention to detail.

    Shitcan Tim Cook and make Apple what it used to be!

    1. Alan Greenspan, a man who was and remains deeply disappointing, and who sh!tcanned all over America’s economy. Greenspan has a very high impression of himself but the reality is one of abject failure, and left to make smarmy but ineffectual comments on an Apple news site. What a sh!t legacy

    1. Tim Cook has no problem, no problem whatsoever releasing poor quality software or hardware. Quality simply is not something Tim Cook considers.

      Fire Tim Cook!

  3. After upgrade to 10.14.6, every now and then I can’t login, it shows a blank screen with a “forbidden” symbol. I have to shut down and restart to try again until it works. (Macbook Pro mid 2012)

  4. Can no longer connect to an external monitor via an HDMI/Thunderbolt adapter, which was the same issue that happened when I updated to Mojave 10.14.3.

    1. In my case, it seems that plugging in a 4K external monitor to this MacBook Pro (USB-C first generation, 10.14.6) brings the machine to a crawl. CPU use goes to 98+% and stays there. As soon as I unplug the adaptor, CPU use drops back to 10-15%. Tried two different HDMI adaptors and problem stays the same … no idea what’s happened to the OS but it does seem to be caused by the OS version

  5. KODI 18.3 Leia (on a FireTV 4K) would freeze accessing SMB3 shares sometimes in 10.14.5. Now it does it on almost every video file I play including short 20-22 minutes TV shows. And it not only freezes, but it more or less crashes. KODI will say connection timed out until I manually kill the SMBD process on the Mac, forcing a restart of the protocol. RIDICULOUS.

    They “fixed” it did they? Do they even TEST these things at all??? It doesn’t seem like it. I’m seriously thinking of going back to El Capitan (still on my external backup). It almost never froze with SMB. How they managed to take something that at least worked and bork it completely since then, I don’t know. They should just license the official version from Microsoft instead of trying (and failing utterly) to write their own version that doesn’t work right. How many people does Apple employ? How much are they worth? And they can’t manage SMB3 while KODI developers work for free and get it right? (shakes head)

  6. Freezes on startup immediately after update. It says it’s supposed to fix this problem. I never had this problem until I updated. Now it happens every time, goes into a slow series of self restarts, takes like fifteen minutes to boot up successfully after maybe a dozen tries. I want to remove it but don’t know how. I noticed when the system preferences icon had the red “needs one update” on it, if I went in the through the AppleStore on the update tab, no updates needed. Odd for there to be this inconsistency. If I can get back to Mojave 10.14.5, I will not update again.

  7. I updated a day or two ago and everything is super slow. I can’t even get Chrome to work. (Need to uninstall it today.) Anyone have a link or can point me to a good place for help? iMac (late 2012) 3.4 GHz Intel Core I7 16GB memory — with room to add if that’s the problem??? I didn’t have any other Mojave update problems… they all increased my computing power.

  8. Since bugs are assigned to the Apple developers who wrote the code, and they alone are responsible for fixing it, if a bug goes unfixed for more than one development cycle, the likelihood of it ever getting fixed is pretty low. Apple will leave it broken until by chance it gets swept up in an overhaul of the specific systems involved. That’s why the SMB problems will never get fixed.

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