DJ Khaled becomes Apple Music’s first artist in residence

Musician DJ Khaled has announced that he is Apple Music’s first artist in residence as he takes over the biggest playlists on Apple’s growing streaming music service.

Mike Wuerthele for AppleInsider:

Khaled posted a video on Instagram, depicting him on the phone saying he’s “at work” and with an Apple badge.

The artist says that his goal is to “break new artists” on the platform, and he has put out a call to all labels to contact him with suggestions.

DJ Khaled launched his We the Best show on Beats 1 in February 2016.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Billi!

We want that Apple-stickered cash gun!


  1. Watched a few of his “music” (sic) videos. Seems to be a high class pimp DJ gang banger wannabe. Amazing how low music has sunk. Apple is now on the road where Liberal Arts intersects with Criminal Justice.

      1. Its not that DJK cannot sell albums, its the whole pandering thing being done by “woke” [another pandering term] idiots [Apple in this case], for the sake of trying to increase the bottom line (greed). Doubtful these people (Apple and ilk like them) listen to his music. Pandering is so unforgivable, and that karma will come home to roost.

      2. What moron, in your experience, does NOT seek to increase the bottom line when he is running a for-profit corporation? If he does not, his directors will—and should—replace him forthwith.

        I do not like rap and hip-hop, but if I were running a music streaming service I would have a duty to my employer to promote the songs that sell well (hip-hop and pop) rather than those with only a limited audience.

        Are you suggesting that those of us who prefer Beethoven and Bach should refuse to work in the profitable segments of the music industry because giving the listeners what they want is pandering?

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