Apple’s Touch Bar: So much unfulfilled promise

Apple's all-new MacBook Pro introduced the revolutionary Touch Bar
Apple’s all-new MacBook Pro introduced the Touch Bar

Dave Mark for The Loop:

I don’t see the MacBook Touch Bar as terrible, but I do see it as unfulfilled promise. There are a few use cases where I’m glad to have it:

• Scrubbing through a video
• Tapping a difficult to spell word or emoji as I’m typing
• Adjusting screen volume or brightness
• Exiting full screen video

That’s about it. Not terrible, but there’s just so much potential here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple needs to go all-in on it, so developers embrace it. Put the Touch Bar on the standalone Apple keyboards and ship them with iMacs, iMac Pros, and Mac minis.


  1. I recently bought a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. I haven’t been convinced so far that it has a real benefit. What I hate the most is that Apple killed Play/Pause by hitting the space bar some years ago, probably only to promote how “cool” it is to have a play/pause button on the Touch Bar. – It’s ridiculous! And why the Esc key had to be moved to a Touch Bar button is also annoying. I used to be able to press it without looking. Now I need to take my eyes of the monitor and stare at the Touch Bar to be able to hit it. – I’m not impressed and if I had the choice I would pick the same MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar. – Sooner or later it will disappear, like 3D Touch, the SD card slot (what a mistake!) and iTunes TV Shows Rentals.

  2. Just get “Better Touch Tool” and you can create ANY shortcuts and/or macros for any apps you want, and place buttons for them in the touch bar

    They can appear when the app is is active (app specific) or all the time (global). It’s intuitive and incredibly powerful and fulfills all the promise you can imagine for that Touch Bar. Truly

    I’ve been using it for years and it keeps getting better

  3. Same old story these days throw done thing out there to show that they are thinking different you know just like the old days (an insult in itself) and then because no one has any idea if it’s a good idea or not they then sit on it to see reaction to determine if it’s worth any further investment, effectively the worst of both worlds representing mere lip service to true innovation when if you have true faith in something you commit to it.

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