Apple Card launch imminent as Apple trademark filings appear

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

With Apple’s new payment card appearing to be set for imminent launch in the US, the question of when we’ll see Apple Card in the UK and other countries is back on the lips of many.

We don’t yet have an answer, but we’ve at least got one encouraging sign: Apple has filed trademarks in databases in both Europe and Hong Kong. The European filing would cover the 28 European Union members, of which the UK remains one until at least October.

Apple has so far only said that the card will launch in the US at some point in the summer, and has given no indication on when we might see Apple Card in the UK or other countries. However, we expect the US card to be supported in the final version of iOS 12.4, with multiple sources telling us it will be launched this week.

MacDailyNews Take: Soon! 🙂

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  1. Hey, MDN, the poll results that are a range of interest/agreement look really strange when sorted that way.
    It would be MUCH more useful to see them sorted by the order of interest/agreement, so you can see where sentiment skews. The sort order you are using doesn’t make it as obvious visually that “Interested” + “Very Interested” + “Extremely Interested” total around 72%.

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