Apple’s iOS 13 Public Beta flaw threatens data loss (warning)

Andrew Griffin for the Independent:

Apple has always been clear that the new betas are far from reliable. Ever since it released the first developer beta, it included a note making clear that they should only be installed if required, warning of the dangers that could come with rushing to install early versions.

“Important Note for Thrill Seekers: If you’re interested in living on the edge and trying out the great new features in iOS 13, we strongly advise waiting for the many bug fixes and refinements coming to the public beta later this month,” the message read.

It still warns users that data could disappear, and that there could be significant issues with the updates.

MacDailyNews Take: The biggest problem seems to be changes in how data syncs with iCloud, as there’s a danger of losing valuable data.

This is the kind of risk you take when you use beta software, so always backup your information first and never use beta software on a system you rely on.

Given that some of the problems seem to revolve around iCloud sync, it may also be wise to create a different Apple ID for testing purposes.


  1. I’ve been using the beta on my 11” 2018 iPad Pro and there are times when the OS gets squirrely. Yesterday I was using the Notability beta (see the pattern of masochism appearing?!) when suddenly the app went doink and I saw 835 files disappear. Self, I sez, Somethin’s not right. I force-quit the app and restarted it and saw the data propagating until everything had returned. (I have Dropbox and iCloud backups). Readdle’s apps will work but there’s no access to cloud data. I love the access to external drives. Overall there are a lot of really cool features that work pretty well but sometimes things are shaky – but not fatal

  2. I’ve been a beta tester for the past 40 years for various companies, and this is exactly why the general public should NOT be allowed access to the Betas. Registered developers and beta testers are ready to handle and immediately report such problems and also know enough not to have critical data on their separate beta-test only machines.

    IMHO, Apple should stop this practice before they get themselves into deep do-do. Yes, they make it clear that these are betas and data loss may be, but it has been my experience that the general pubic is NOT ready or equipped to and handle such a responsibility.

    1. “the general public is NOT ready”
      The general public is not ready or equipped to handle most of what the general public has access to LOL It is literally not possible for Apple to get in deep do-do over this because a person that goes through all the steps required to even get ACCESS to download the beta deserves whatever they get.

      Folks commit accidental suicide everyday, I don’t think anyone would say that the general public is no ready or equipped to handle guns

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