Farewell Jony, and farewell Apple of old

Ken Segall for Observatory:

Jony, Jony, Jony — now look what you’ve done.

With one little “I quit,” you dragged all of us across the line separating Apple Classic and New Apple.

We had one foot over that line already with Steve’s passing. This just makes it final—the last spiritual connection to the old Apple is now behind us… yeah, it does hurt a little to see you go off to LoveFrom. Not the career move — I’m talking about the company name. Wish you’d thought a little harder on that one.

When we lost Steve, we found solace in two thoughts. First, we knew that Steve’s had burnt his values into Apple’s DNA. Second, we had you. God of design. Keeper of the Apple flame. Steve’s alter ego. The Un-Fireable One. Alas, you weren’t the Un-Resignable One.

I think that parting ways at this point is better for both you and Apple. It gives Apple another opportunity to think different. And at long last, it allows you to spread your wings without limitations at LoveFrom. So best of luck on the rest of your journey. But please — there’s still time to change that company name.

MacDailyNews Take: Ditto!

We’re very happy for Jony Ive, who has longed to leave and do what he wants when he wants for quite some time now. Here’s to many happy years designing wonderful things, Jony!MacDailyNews, June 28, 2019


  1. And what drove him to exit? Dismay over the operations guy running the company… I’m no hater of Tim Cook but, ouch. Steve’s Apple has been running on momentum and seemingly little more. I’ve been hoping it wasn’t true…but Jony Ive put it to words. I’ll probably just stop now waiting anxiously for Apple to produce something new and special again. At least the stock is holding up. Consolation prize.

    1. You could be right it seems few people are getting much inspiration from the present leader whatever the true ins and outs of the leaving. If that nonsense name is anything to go by, I wonder maybe is it a matter of his creativity burnt out or simply dulled by years working under Cook. Either way probably should have gone 4 or 5 years ago for it will now be a question of whether he can become re-enthused. Yet again that name does make you ponder the likely answer to that question with a little hesitation. One things for sure at Apple, design seems to have been relegated in importance within the company which will suit Mr safe pair of hands Cook I’m sure. He probably used to have nightmares as the operations bod under Jobs.

  2. “I wonder maybe is it a matter of his creativity burnt out or simply dulled by years working under Cook.”

    The latter. Sir Jony is the greatest industrial designer of all time.

    “Dulled” working under beancounter Cook that only cares about the bottom line is one negative. The second is the thinness obsession that may or may not come from Cook.

    Certainly, Cook would not argue about thin devices costing less in materials and saving money on dropped ports, adding to the bottom line while increasing profits.

    We shall see the future of Sir Jony and I wish him well…

    1. My guess is that anyone who suggested that it is cheaper to build a thin computer than a thick one would have flunked out of Tim Cook’s freshman engineering classes at Auburn.

  3. Steve Jobs would have been much more proud of Tim Cook’s performance managing enormous growth and exponential success than Jony Ive endless fiddling and contemplating during his limousine rides to work every few days.

  4. It is like witching “Star Wars” franchise being destroy by disney. Apple being destroy by Tim Cook after Steve is gone.
    Sure, apple is rich right now, but Steve’s motivation was always to make the best products and have the best customers in the world, but Tim its just about making money and wasting that money in non existing problems.

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