Comcast brings Apple Watch Series 4, iPad Air, and iPad mini to Xfinity Mobile customers

The new iPad Air with support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard introduces high-end features and performance at a breakthrough price.
The new iPad Air with support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard introduces high-end features and performance at a breakthrough price.

Comcast today announced it will offer Apple Watch Series 4 with built-in cellular, the new 10.5-inch iPad Air, and the new 7.9-inch iPad mini to Xfinity Mobile customers. The launch marks the first non-smartphone devices available to Xfinity Mobile customers. Apple Watch will be available for purchase beginning on June 28 in Xfinity Stores only, and customers can pre-register today. iPad is available today in Xfinity Stores nationwide.

“We’re excited to expand our lineup of Apple devices to include the advanced Apple Watch Series 4 with built-in cellular as well as the new iPad Air and iPad mini with LTE, helping support the growing mobile lifestyle of our customers,” said Billy Stephens, senior vice president, Wireless Devices and Supply Chain, Xfinity Mobile, in a statement. “Combined with the range of iPhone models we currently offer, we’re bringing more value to Xfinity users with our mobile offering by providing the device that best suits their way of living.”

Apple Watch Series 4 features a 30 percent larger display, a thinner, smaller case, and a new interface with more information and richer detail. Whether Xfinity Mobile customers are out for a run, at the pool or just trying to be more active throughout their day, Apple Watch Series 4 with cellular allows them to stay connected, make calls, receive texts and more, even without their iPhone nearby.

The all-new 10.5-inch iPad Air and 7.9-inch iPad mini support Apple Pencil (sold separately) and include the A12 Bionic chip to deliver powerful multi-tasking performance and dramatic graphics capability. Both devices are available in a variety of colors and data storage configurations on Xfinity Mobile, and feature great Wi-Fi performance and Gigabit-class LTE connectivity.

Xfinity Mobile is available to Xfinity Internet customers, and includes up to five lines of unlimited nationwide talk and text. Customers and can choose from two straightforward data options for smartphones and tablets – “By the Gig” for $12 per GB of data, or Unlimited for $45 per month per line. A $10 per month fee will be added for each new smart watch or tablet activated on Xfinity Mobile.

To find the Xfinity Store closest to you where you can purchase Apple Watch or iPad, go here.

Source: Comcast Corporation


    1. I had my reservations about xfinity mobile as well, as a not-so-happy comcast customer. But they run on Verizon’s network, and my brother had good success with them. I switched last year and have had a mostly very-good experience. On net, definitely better than Verizon for me.

      Pros include monthly price (my last bill for a family of 5 was under $60—we used to pay $120 or more to Verizon), ability to pool data (everyone who is per-gig shares a common bucket, at $12/gb), and no device upgrade charges (Verizon would hit us up for $40 every time we upgraded).

      Cons: you can only have 5 on a family plan, and you can’t move someone from one family plan to another. You literally have to port out of xfinity mobile to a prepaid service and then immediately port back in again. That’s kind of crazy. Also, if you ever leave Comcast you pay $10/mo more per line for the xfinity mobile service. (That’s not an issue for us because we live in a Comcast monopoly zone…) They also had issues with their mobile app earlier this year when they were upgrading their systems. It was a mess and at one point I logged in and was shown someone else’s account usage.

      On balance though, it’s way better than Verizon! (I know, not saying much…)

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