Arrival of Microsoft’s To-Do for Mac heralds Wunderlist’s exit

Ewdison Then for SlashGear:

When Microsoft bought popular list app Wunderlist, there were fears that it would sunset the app and service just like it did with Sunrise Calendar. Microsoft didn’t leave these users hanging and did confirm the inevitable but not until it has made its own replacement is ready. That day may now be fast approaching as it announces that Microsoft To-Do is finally available in the last missing platform: macOS.

With the addition of macOS, Microsoft To-Do is now available on almost all major platforms. That includes Android, iOS, Windows, and the Web for everything else. Whether it has what it takes to take on the likes of Todoist is, however, a different question entirely.

MacDailyNews Take: Support independent developers, not Microsoft. Use Todoist. All-Apple users, of course, can always use Apple’s built-in Calendar, Reminders, and Notes in conjunction across all of their devices.


  1. All to do apps suck including apples reminders. If I don’t see it on my calendar it does not exist. Fantastical is the only app that kind of does that. It’s very useful, but the implementation could be better. All other reminder type apps are a waste.

    1. I used to think that. Tried them all but To-Do-Ist is waaaayyyy more than a calendar. It can be a simple as a short items “to-do” list or a complex multi-project critical path project manager. Been using it for two+ years and its just hard to beat. Also is on every platform I use iPhone, iPad, and Mac (also can open it in a browser if you are desperate).

  2. If you’re a fan of Todoist, you might find Bordio worth exploring too. It’s super easy to use, looks great, and keeps all of my tasks and events organized in one place. Personally, I’ve been using it for quite some time now and have found it to be highly beneficial. You can find more information about it at

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