Apple patent application describes linking two iPads together, binding them like a book

Dennis Sellers for Apple World Today:

Apple has filed for a patent (number 20190182972) for a “system with multiple display” that would allow two iPads to be linked together. It involves a magnetic stand configured to rigidly hold a portion of the tablet device in place and to shield the magnetic field from adversely affecting nearby devices susceptible to strong magnetic fields.

In the patent filing, Apple notes that tablet devices are used in an increasingly wide range of applications. In many of these applications a way for conveniently mounting the device is required.

Apple has been granted a similar patent (number 10,037,054) for a “magnetic attachment unit” that also involves linking two iPads.

Apple patent application describes linking two iPads together (Source: USPTO)
Apple patent application describes linking two iPads together (Source: USPTO)

MacDailyNews Take: Interestingly, if you turn that book sideways, it would open and close like a laptop. The “lower” iPad could become a virtual keyboard with trackpad for controlling the “upper” iPad. Imagine further that it’s capable of running both iPadOS and macOS (for ARM). Th euser could swithc between the two and even set it up to do interesting things. For example, when held like a traditional book, the device runs iPadOS, but when rotated into landscape (“MacBook”) orientation, it switches to macOS. Too outside the box?


  1. Still rather see what would seem to be a simple by comparison dock that not only charges the iPad but turns it into a Visual Homepod device with always on Siri activation and ability to activate the screen to compete with Amazon and Google equivalents. Hey they could with little effort have outflanked the opposition had they produced such a system at the same time as (or rather than) the Homepod and all you would have to have done was to have bought the dock. Clearly too imaginative for Cook and co to envisage or they knew Siri wasn’t up to the job. Hey with a keyboard you even have a simple home computer too. I guess at this point you start to see the difference here the idea in this patent means you have to buy an extra iPad whereas my idea means more flexibility so you might need less Apple products overall so if it did happen any such dock would have to be exorbitantly priced to make up for it. Silly me should have realised.

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