watchOS 6 to bring some big changes to Apple Watch

With watchSO 6, Apple's App Store will be available right on your wrist.
With watchSO 6, Apple’s App Store will be available right on your wrist.

Mark Linsangan for AppleInsider:

With watchOS 6, Apple announced a handful of new watch faces, new complications, and changes to existing watch faces.

Apple also added the App Store to the Apple Watch so that users can easily install third-party apps, search for apps using Siri, and view app product pages directly on the watch. Developers can also build Apple Watch-only apps, created to work independently on Apple Watch without an iOS app which is helpful in letting the Apple Watch stand on its own.

WatchOS6 also enables Core ML which now uses the Apple Neural Engine on Apple Watch Series 4, enabling faster processing of on-device inputs. This means that beyond an initial speed-up, after it learns some user habits, everything can run smoother than before.

MacDailyNews Take: watchOS 6 is nothing less than a paradigm shift for Apple Watch. Finally decoupled from iPhone, it will open up Apple Watch to a much larger target audience!

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  1. On the flip side one has to wonder just how man apps an Watch can handle. How much storage is in my Watch and how will loading it up with apps drain performance? Just as important, how much of a drain on the battery will we be seeing when. people use the Watch as much as their iPhones?

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