CEO Tim Cook: Apple is ‘not a monopoly’

CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell, the incoming anchor and managing editor of the “CBS Evening News,” sat down with Apple CEO Tim Cook in San Jose, California, for an exclusive interview after his keynote address at Monday’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

O’Donnell asked Cook about the changes the company announced and ramped-up government scrutiny.


I don’t think anybody reasonable is going to come to the conclusion that Apple is a monopoly. Our share is much more modest. We don’t have a dominant position in any market… We are not a monopoly.

O’Donnell asked Cook about U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) who says Apple’s App Store should be broken from other parts of Apple’s business.


Well, I strongly disagree with that. I think some people would argue, if you are selling a good, then you can’t have a product that competes with that good… But, that’s an argument that takes you down the path that Walmart shouldn’t be stocking an alternative or house brand.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course Apple is not a monopoly in any market in which it participates.

Apple doesn’t have a dominant position in any market in unit share. Just in profit share. 🙂

Why do so many people spend so much time on such blatantly wrongheaded avenues of thought that are clearly not factually based, if not for ulterior motives?


    1. That is wild speculation from an idiot who voted for Donald Tariff Trump.

      You realize that tariffs are paid by US consumers, don’t you?

      Perhaps you think unelected corporate oligarchs should run the economy? Oh yeah, they already do. And they are the ones who offshored manufacturing. Trump rewarded those assholes with a big fat income tax cut. Consumers got massive price increases.

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