WWDC 2019: Apple did the impossible and annoyed all the right people

Chris Matyszczyk for ZDNet:

Usually, during an Apple show, I get whiny messages from tech types who want to describe, in bloodied detail, all the things that Apple failed to do. Or just to whine that the whole thing was duller than an accountant’s bedspread.

Monday’s WWDC was disturbingly, well, different.

First, there was a vacuum. Then, coos and aahs began to arrive by text…

Tim Cook and his cohorts seemed to have managed what I thought impossible.

They’d annoyed no one other than Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and their feelingless crews [with Sign In with Apple].

No, the Earth didn’t shatter. It was still uplifting, however, that Apple — for once, of late — had put so much thought into so many things that actually pleased and even surprised its most gnarly critics.

Thinking even a little different still seems occasionally possible.

MacDailyNews Take: Luckily for the constipated complainers, Apple gave them Memoji Makeup to denigrate to their snarky hearts’ content (as Apple sells even more Memoji-capable hardware to former fragmandroid settlers who are sick and tired of being sad, handicapped green bubbles; the SMS lepers of Messages).


  1. While I am no longer in the market of a loaded Mac Pro (20 years ago, I was a heavy CAD manipulator but no longer), I am glad to see that Apple showed that they have been watching and listening to the market and users. It seems Apple regained their previously lost mojo and demonstrated that they are not just a phone compmany. With all other product updates and services coming into stream, I feel like I am seeing the once lost child roaring back.
    While I still do not quite trust Tim Cook’s sincerity and ability to lead the company, it appears as if the whole Apple as a company pulled together….
    I am willing to give credit where credit is due this time.
    Keep up Apple!

  2. I think the only holes in the Mac line up now are 1) a 17 to 19″ laptop (but I’m nuts for big screens- anything less than 15 and I’m using an iPad) and 2) a “mid market” tower- Make a Mac Pro light with the specs of an iMac……

    I have to complain about something…. 🙂

    1. I read that the next version of the MBP May include an edge-to-edge display that will be roughly 16” in the form factor of the existing 15” design.

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