Leaked image shows possible Apple design for iOS 13’s new volume indicator

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

Back in April, 9to5Mac reported that iOS 13 will include a long-overdue design of the volume indicator. Now, an alleged image of an early iOS 13 internal build has emerged that claims to show one design considered by Apple for the new volume HUD.

The design shown on Twitter, shared by Ben Geskin, is very similar to the volume indicator currently found within Control Center. It’s smaller than the current volume design, which takes over the entire interface, but still quite large.

9to5Mac has heard, however, that the redesigned volume indicator will actually be smaller and located on the left side of the notch. It’s likely that Apple considered multiple different options for the redesigned volume indicator, with the image shared by Geskin being one option tested internally, but ultimately not the final design.

MacDailyNews Take: Not final, of course. Just an example of an option they were testing. We’re sure the final one will be much better.

Regardless, it’s high time for the iOS Volume Indicator meme to die!


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