How to remotely monitor employees’ computers on Mac, Windows, and Linux

“The way we work is changing,” Fatima Wahab writes for AddictiveTips. “The typical office space has now expanded beyond just four walls and tight-knit teams.”

“Remote work, as as well as remote teams, are growing as technology allows employees to work from anywhere and still be productive, and connected at all times,” Wahab writes. “With a changing work space, the requirements for those spaces and for employees working remotely also change. For one, organisations need a safe, and ethical way to remotely monitor employees’ computers.”

“Computer monitoring software claims to do many things; monitor productivity, log hours, mark attendance, record screens, monitor web based activity, and more,” Wahab writes. “A PC monitoring application runs a screen recorder in the background. Some apps can take periodic screenshots while others will record videos of screen activity. The recordings and/or screenshots are time stamped allowing organisations to view activity for a given date and time.”

“If you’re an organisation looking to remotely monitor its employees we recommend using Kickidler,” Wahab writes. “It checks all the right boxes, and has some great features to boot.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Do you work remotely? Are you monitored by your employer? If so, how?


  1. This is highly unethical… In my country Norway), it’s illegal — luckily! As an employer, I would never even consider doing this.

    The exception is, of course, high-risk positions, but most aren’t.

  2. Working remotely and monitoring remotely are 2 completely different things! Like Roar says monitoring is most likely illegal, unless the person being monitored is aware it is happening.

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