Behold: This is our best look yet at Apple’s impossibly sleek iPhone 11 Max design

“The upcoming new iPhone 11R — if that’s what Apple ends up calling it — will undoubtedly be the company’s top-selling new iPhone model following its release in September,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR. “The iPhone line has gotten so expensive that people will happily pass up a few high-end features in order to save hundreds of dollars. Despite that model’s inevitable popularity though, all eyes are currently on the flagship iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max phones.”

“Flagships are always more exciting than lesser phone models,” Epstein writes, “and such is the case with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 series.”

“renders showing what is believed to be Apple’s finalized iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max designs didn’t leak until just last week. We were expecting the iPhone 11 series to be a boring rehash of the iPhone XS and iPhone X design, but a few key refinements reminded us how much better Apple is at hardware than its Android rivals,” Epstein writes. “Then we saw the updated iPhone 11 Max design in greater detail, and once again it was better than we thought. Now, a new set of renders gives us our best look yet at Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 11 Max, and it looks impossibly sleek.”

Graphic designer Hasan Kaymak created a gorgeous set of renders showcasing the next-gen iPhone 11 Max:

Apple iPhone 11 Max Concept: Designed by DBHK-Hasan Kaymak Innovations in Kassel, Germany
Apple iPhone 11 Max Concept: Designed by DBHK-Hasan Kaymak Innovations in Kassel, Germany

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MacDailyNews Take: Incredibly refined. Wow! We want our iPhone 11 Max units today!

Check out all of Hasan’s “iPhone 11 Max” concept renders here.


  1. How to make an iPhone that people want to buy:
    Get rid of the camera bump.
    Make it a little fatter and fill the extra space with battery (and eliminate the camera bump at the same time).
    Put the camera lenses more centered that people don’t accidentally cover them with a finger.
    Get rid of the ugly notch.
    Bring back Touch ID.
    And bring back the headphone jack.
    I’ve got an iPhone S6 and I can wait longer for an iPhone that corresponds to my needs.

  2. A little over a year ago I traded in my iPhone 6 to the 10. After several months, I have come to conclusion that I preferred the 6. Reasons? – the 6 did everything I needed as a smartphone without all the so called “enhancements” that really do not matter, but you pay $1000 for. All the talk on improving the camera is silly. If you want to shoot good quality images and not just snapshots, use a decent digital camera! Also, wireless earbuds are more trouble than they are worth. There’s nothing wrong with a headphone jack- reliable and cheaper. If you use the iPhone as as smartphone – mostly calling and texting why do we need to spend so much for it these days? Other than feeling “locked-in” for having an iPhone due to having an iMac as my primary computer and all the stuff I have invested in iTunes, I wouldn’t be opposed to switching to a simpler, cheaper alternative.

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