UBS ups Apple target price from $215 to $235

UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri has boosted his Apple target price from $215 to $235 while maintaining a “Buy” rating.

In a note to investors, Arcuri writes that Wall Street is “underrating the degree/timing to which new services could contribute revenue” and that “comps should get easier, and the stock remains the biggest global under-weight among active managers.”

The analyst writes Apple’s iPhone mix “remains challenging,” but notes that foreign exchange headwinds should start to ease in June.

MacDailyNews Take: Trillion-dollar market value looms.


  1. Yeah, no kidding. Where are all the Apple hating trolls now that were salivating and completely ignorant of how the market works when AAPL took a temporary tumble during the market chaos a while back. Hint. It’s only gambling if you’re a dum dum with no patience and no balls. Ask Warren Buffet.

    1. That’s nice. Microsoft is leaving Apple behind because Nadella seems to be smarter than Tim Cook when it comes to building a solid business. Every major tech company except Apple decided to go into the unlimited growth cloud business while Apple is still trying to sell iPhones in a completely saturated smartphone market.

      I think Microsoft has a P/E of around 27 while Apple is stuck at around a P/E of 16. That shows how much more Wall Street values Microsoft than Apple.

      I’m a long-term Apple shareholder and I believe it’s always better to bet on a growth market than one that has no growth. Everyone tried to tell Apple it was betting too heavily on the smartphone market and now the Chinese have no interest in iPhones and the average Indian consumer can’t afford to buy an iPhone even if they wanted to.

      Microsoft is going to have cloud growth every single quarter while Apple struggles to barely maintain what it has. Apple had a great chance of diversifying its business over the years but mainly focused on selling iPhones. I guess it’s come full circle for Microsoft. Apparently, it’s time for Microsoft to dominate over Apple once again. Microsoft stock will never have the volatility Apple has every single quarter.

      1. Sigh. AAPL is volatile short term because people don’t understand Apple’s business. Looks like you are one of them. Your criticisms of Apple have been parroted for decades. You’re not saying anything new. Every tech company is doing INSERT WHATEVER while Apple is wasting time INSERT WHATEVER APPLE IS DOING. Oh no dooooooom. I’ve heard this basic criticism repeated over and over and over and over. All that changes is what other tech companies are doing and what Apple is doing. The other tech companies are always doing the right thing and Apple is always doing the wrong thing. Funny how Apple has survived this long doing the wrong things all the time.

        Oh but this time is different? Yeah, heard that one before too, about a hundred times.

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