Why I’ve learned to hate my Apple Watch

“In a perfect world, the Apple Watch Series 4 could be great. With a few easy settings, a glance at the watch would deliver time, temperature, the dial-in details for your next appointment or many other things that would be helpful. This would be in an ideal world. I don’t live in an ideal world. I live in Jersey. (No wisecracks; that’s my job),” Evan Schuman writes for Computerworld. “As such, I have quickly learned to hate my Apple Watch.”

“Much of my fury is caused by missed opportunities. With a few small tweaks, the Apple Watch experience could be one of happiness and efficiency. Fortunately for Apple, I am now going to share those tweaks. ,” Schuman writes. “Until then, though, I will continue to curse at this buzzy, won’t-show-me-what-I-want-except-when-I-don’t-want-it, overpriced annoyance.”

Apple Watch Series 4 in a Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)
Apple Watch Series 4 in a
Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Milanese Loop (40mm and 44mm)

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MacDailyNews Take: Schuman has many valid points and some good suggestions that Apple’s Watch team would be wise to consider!

That said, there is a way to lessen the haptic taps during driving directions, for example, that Schuman doesn’t seem to know, so some of his complaints are merely due to being uninformed.

Can Apple Watch be better? Yes, of course, but the Apple Watch Series 4 already is great!


  1. The problem with reducing Schuman’s concerns to simply being “uninformed”, is that it ignores the fact this little device that I really like has become so freaking feature rich that many times I don’t even know why it is tapping on my wrist. Some of us don’t have the time to perform a systems review of the apps on our watch and phone to figure out what is doing what. While the Apple Watch was at once disruptive technology, I fear it is vulnerable to the “Next Big Thing”, and that may come from someone other than Apple.

      1. Yes! “Uninformed” — absolutely not. Anyone who is NOT determined to be an asshole would do a quick bit of research.

        And “gloves”!!! WTF – that’s not even a FIRST world problem. It’s a “I’m getting paid for being a petulant cry-baby” problem.

        Gimme a break!

        1. What about changing the watch into left hand mode so that the buttons are on the left but the display is right side up? And as for the time delay for the screen to show up, just tilt the watch up and THEN look at it. Or use Airpods and ask Siri what time it is. But really, if you’re running down the sidewalk in New York and you’re “late” knowing the time isn’t going to make you any faster.

  2. What the hell, he doesn’t like the vibrations that tell you when to turn while using Maps? That’s one of the coolest features about the Apple Watch. Honestly it sounds like this guy has no business driving in the first place.

  3. “First, it seems that the designers of the watch never anticipated workout gloves. That is, I think the cuff of the glove brushes against the button on the watch.”

    Easy solution. Man up and ditch the gloves!

  4. Schuman points are well taken – I suspect that the future versions of the software will help. Regarding the fall detection – I have not found it to be a problem when at the gym (mostly weight training & some cardio). I urge my friends to buy Watch v. 4 based on my experience….I fell & hit my head on the cement sidewalk. Tho’ bleeding profusely, I did not need the EMS (drove to the hospital for stitches). At 71, I am grateful for the resource even if it might be annoying at times!

  5. He seems to be completely unaware of the MUTE setting, the DO NOT DISTURB setting, Theatre Mode, and running the WATCH with his THUMB by setting it up with the ORIENTATION setting so the buttons face away from his glove hand. He simply doesn’t have a clue how to customize the WATCH for his particular lifestyle.

    I find the music control on the WATCH to be one I use most of all. I run the Overcast complication a lot. So the watch music/podcast player control he hates is the one I love the most!

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