Next-gen ‘iPhone XI’ and ‘iPhone XI Max’ molds show triple camera layout

“SlashLeaks posts an image that is alleged to be iPhone XI and XI Max molds for 3rd party case production,” MacRumors reports.

“These physical molds are presumably produced by case manufacturers based on leaked schematics to test early cases for the upcoming 2019 iPhones,” MacRumors reports. “The front design is also shown on a Weibo post which may have been the original source for the images.”

Next-gen 'iPhone XI' and 'iPhone XI Max' molds show triple camera layout

Next-gen 'iPhone XI' and 'iPhone XI Max' molds show triple camera layout
Next-gen ‘iPhone XI’ and ‘iPhone XI Max’ molds show triple camera layout

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MacDailyNews Take: Based on the evidence we’ve seen so far, these are close to what the exterior of APple’s next-gen iPhones will look like.

Certainly, if the lens arrangement isn’t laid out symmetrically, it’d be for a reason, as Apple seems to like symmetry when possible. Likely, in real life, it’ll look more like a black square camera bump than a seemingly haphazard arrangement of lenses, flash, and mic. — MacDailyNews, March 29, 2019

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s next-gen OLED iPhones’ triple-camera system to feature new super-wide 12-megapixel lens – April 18, 2019
Leaked schematic reveals next-gen iPhone with triple-lens camera in triangular arrangement – March 29, 2019


  1. Jony Ive is clearly focusing his time on the 2020 iPhones, not to mention myriad other projects we don’t know about yet (possibly including car designs). The next couple years will be highly transformative for Apple and these things are an afterthought.

  2. Again, I’m not sure why MDN keeps describing the speculated arrangement as “asymmetrical” or “haphazard.” If you want optical zoom from super wide to telephoto, you can’t do it with a single camera unless you can accept a device as thick as a brick. If you use three cameras, they have to be as close together as possible to minimize parallax issues. That requires an equilateral triangle arrangement, as demonstrated by Euclid, among others. The flash and microphone can’t be in the middle of the triangle, because that would force the lenses farther apart. If they must be close beside the lenses, the speculated placement either side of one point of the triangle seems the most compact and attractive. What’s haphazard or asymmetrical about that?

    Can any of you imagine a more esthetic placement for three cameras, a flash, and a microphone?

  3. .. and again, a complete neglect to the 4″ size, which many people with money are wanting and waiting for. Maybe if someone with a brain was paying attention and created a smaller option, it would then fill the void of sales that they have been seeing since neglecting the 4″ size. When I think of Apple under Tim Cook, the word NEGLECT comes to mind in MANY areas. Mostly hardware.

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