Apple expects greater cooperation with China on clean energy

“Apple is expecting more cooperation with China on clean energy as it released its 2019 Environment Report on Thursday that outlines its climate change solutions ahead of the Earth Day, which falls on April 22,” Xinhua reports. “Apple said 44 of its suppliers have committed to 100 percent renewable energy for their production of Apple products. Among them, ‘the majority of that clean supply chain, clean energy suppliers are in China in terms of both attaining the clean energy goal and cooperation in the use of safer materials and smarter chemistry,’ Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, told Xinhua at a recent event promoting the company’s environment initiative.”

“As one of Apple’s biggest manufacturers and markets in the world, China is critical to success in all of Apple’s environmental initiatives, she said,” Xinhua reports. “‘I think it’s important to know Chinese manufacturers can be partners in the innovation because the Chinese manufacturers have real expertise and applications which they can bring to the table,’ she pointed out.”

“Apple announced Thursday that it will quadruple the number of outlets in the United States to recycle used iPhones returned by U.S. customers, which will be disassembled by its recycling robot, Daisy,” Xinhua reports. “In response to a question over whether Apple is planning to deploy the Daisy robot system in Asia, especially in China, Jackson said Apple is looking at unique recycling solutions in China ‘because we have manufacturers there.'”

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MacDailyNews Note: In 2017, annual fossil carbon dioxide emissions emissions estimates, worldwide fossil carbon dioxide emissions emissions totaled 37,077.404 megatons/year, with China as the No.1 country on the list with 10,877.218 megatons/year. Full list here.

Apple’s 2019 Environmental Progress Report (.pdf) is here.

Apple expands global recycling programs; Daisy robots can disassemble 200 iPhones per hour – April 18, 2019


  1. The carbon emissions in China reflect their historic dependence on coal, which not only produces a lot of CO2 per BTU, but also produces China’s infamous air quality issues due to particulate emissions. The PRC is therefore aggressively pursuing alternative forms of energy, including such renewable sources as hydropower, solar, and wind. Most recently planned coal plants have been cancelled. Supporting this policy should win Apple a lot of brownie points with the PRC leadership.

    Unfortunately, the most aggressive feature of the policy is the effort to secure natural gas reserves by claiming vast stretches of the East China and South China Seas without any legal basis. Mainland China has very limited reserves of gas or even petroleum, and international treaties limit their access to uranium (for obvious reasons).

    1. Right, because only Social Justice Warriors are concerned about having a reliable electricity supply for their manufacturing facilities. I’m sure Steve Jobs could build hundreds of millions of devices using only the power from the Reality Distortion Field. The rest of us need a power supply that isn’t subject to being shut down on days with intolerable smog.

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