Apple hires Molly Thompson has Head of Documentaries for Apple TV+

“Molly Thompson has joined Apple’s upcoming streaming service as its head of documentaries,” Joe Otterson reports for Variety.

“Thompson previously founded A&E Indie Films, the feature film production unit of A+E Networks. She was also previously the head of documentary films for A+E Networks,” Otterson reports. “Recent documentaries she has executive produced include ‘The Clinton Affair,’ Charles Ferguson’s ‘Watergate’ docuseries, ‘Studio 54,’ and ‘City of Ghosts.’ She was also an executive producer on celebrated documentaries like ‘Life, Animated,’ ‘Cartel Land,’ ‘Murderball,’ and ‘Jesus Camp.'”

Otterson reports, “Thompson graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Rutgers University.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Ms. Thompson. Here’s to many thought-provoking, award-winning documentary films and series to come for Apple TV+!


      1. Wrong. Apple just hired today’s cool new Leni Reifenstahl. The type who carry the party line no matter how much truth must be ignored. Reifenstahl was a good socialist, like all of todays Democrats.

  1. Leni Reifenstahl 1936 Olympic coverage showed every event including Jeese Owens and all prelims of every event leading up to all the finals, have not seen that since the 1976 Olympic coverage by ABC…

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