Apple CEO Tim Cook parties at Coachella

“This weekend was Coachella — and one person who apparently needed no reminding of this fact was Tim Cook,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac.

“Apple’s CEO was snapped at the event, posing for a picture with DJ and music producer Diplo,” Dormehl reports. “The massive Coachella music festival has had its fair share of Apple tie-ins in the past. iBeacons were first introduced back in 2014, and the event has also been screened on Apple TV.”

Dormehl reports, “Tim Cook didn’t share any details of his Coachella trip on his Twitter account.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Diplo’s Instagram post:

Tim Cook is not the best person to be CEO of Apple – April 2, 2019


  1. Pathetic. Tim worry about streaming and taking some risks at Apple instead of being a damn caretaker. You see a man who wasted 5 years ahead of Netflix on Streaming. Instead of buying Netflix for 20B instead bought Beats for 3B. Ahead of Amazon and Google by 4 years in voice AI. Apple had been partnered with Disney since 2007 and Disney + had no celebrities and all details and pricing has boosted Disney Stock by 12%. Tim Cook gave no details and wiped away tears while hugging Oprah. Wasted wasted opportunities. Loves bing a celebrity CEO. Balmer Era. Sad, pathetic and hopefully Apple can be saved in the future.

    1. Yes, look Apple’s sad and pathetic performance over the last ten years. Terrible! And just thinking about all the Apple products that I (we) use each day. Such a travesty! Such a total waste. Sad and pathetic. I think I am going to go buy a Galaxy 10 now.

  2. How can you expect a wise and visionary investment from a person who only worries about 3 months increment with a calculator and spreadsheet in his hands?

    1. Yes, look Apple’s sad and pathetic performance over the last ten years. Cook is terrible! And just thinking about all the Apple products that I (we) use each day. He is a mistake! A total sad, pathetic, mistake. I assume you are now on your way to go buy a Galaxy 10. I know I am!

  3. to all the tim cook haters on here please feel free to stop using apple products if they are so bad. Please stop using their services and go to netflix, spotify and android and leave apple to people who want products which are done right and not just a bunch of other peoples parts thrown together without thought.

    I am so tired of reading……. but what about the mac pro or the apple tv is a joke or the ram is not replaceable on my laptop….. if you dont like it dont buy it. If you think other companies are making superior products then go buy them and show apple the error of their ways. But to sit on here and blast tim cook for running the most profitable public company in the world year in and year out is pure nonsense. Have any of you even ever stopped to think that sometimes apple cannot update products because there is not enough capacity in the supply chain to support the number of high end devices they must produce to meet demand. Look at LED screens for iphone… they were 2+ years late… why? not because they couldn’t do it or didn’t want tot do it but they had to wait until there was a factory who could product 200m units a year to their standards as opposed to say samsung who may use 20m a year at best. So stop slamming people for doing things which you do not understand and quit being internet warriors claiming expertise when it is clear you have none.

    Me i will keep using my iphone XS Max, MBP, Homepod, Ipad Pro, Airpods, Apple watch series , apple TV and having them all seamlessly work together. Having them all keep themselves up to date software wise and continue to have features added year after year without having to buy new hardware.

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