Piper Jaffray: 86 percent of U.S. teens plan to choose iPhone as next smartphone

“A newly-published survey of 8,600 U.S. teens found that a higher number than ever, 86 percent, are hoping to make Apple’s iPhone their next smartphone,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider. “That percentage — gauged across 47 states during the fall of 2018 — ranks against 84 percent last spring, investment firm Piper Jaffray said on Monday. The average age of those surveyed was 15.9, and the average household income $68,300.”

“Elsewhere in the survey, Piper found that Netflix was the most popular source of daily video consumption, coming in at 38 percent,” Fingas reports. “It surpassed YouTube’s 33 percent, despite the ubiquity of the free Google platform.”

“Snapchat was the top social media platform for teens, favored by 46 percent, followed by Facebook’s Instagram at 32 percent,” Fingas reports. “Though popular among adults, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest managed just 6, 5, and 1 percent, respectively.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s hope for this world yet! 🙂

Why would anyone want a slow, green-bubbled, insecure, privacy-invading fake iPhone, when you can have a fast, blue-bubbled, secure, privacy-protecting real iPhone instead?

Only old ignorati handicap themselves with Google tracking devices.

So, what happens to Apple’s smartphone share as these teens grow up, become adults, and have families?MacDailyNews, October 22, 2018

In one of our local high schools, out of roughly 300 students who are known to have a cellphone, three (3!) are known to not have an iPhone (two Androids of unknown make (that the kids hate and keep well-hidden) and one flip phone to be used only for emergency calls). All of the rest have iPhones. Quote from a student: “It’s really bad to be green in Messages.”MacDailyNews, April 11, 2018

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  1. Shocker.

    Other surprising news revealed today: 86% of U.S. teens plan to make it with a famous sexy movie star or popular singer in 2019.

    Morgan Fairchild?

    1. I’ve worked with Morgan Fairchild and seen her up close. It would be like “making it” with an over made up Madame Tussaud wax dummy. (Assuming she’d let you muss her hair and makeup.)

  2. Now Apple needs to gain in schools again. Imagine if Apple didn’t lose their market share IN schools during those formative years, to Chromebooks and otherwise Windows PCs, and the entire Google cloud teaching suite of software.

    This is a true story from last night with my 10 year old daughter, trying to figure out how to use an iTunes card asks “SIRI, Call Apple customer service” then Siri repeatedly suggested “Apple Banks” in Manhatten 40 miles away, then after repeated attempts suggest ‘Searching the web for the number” WITH GOOGLE. Embarrassing.

    So when Apple truly has an ecosystem that works, let me know, i hope those kids don’t lose faith in the meantime.

  3. I suppose the title would be more meaningful if teens were also the final decision makers for the device they end up with. Good for those teens that have their own income to pay for their phone.

    1. There are tons of teens already walking around with iPhones. 🙂 Whether their parent caved and got it for them, or they bought it using an obscenely generous allowance, OR got it for their birthday. Teens not only have income, BUT they also have older people hanging around them that would like to be thought of as the “cool” adult.

      But you’d have to know actual teens in order to see that happening.

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