There are five different races in U.S. streaming TV; Where Apple fits in

“There isn’t just one race in the streaming-media world. In the U.S., there are at least five distinct categories where Silicon Valley heavyweights and traditional media companies are competing for users’ attention and money,” Elliot Bentley and Amol Sharma write for The Wall Street Journal.

“Some, like Netflix Inc., are building subscription entertainment services with large stockpiles of original and licensed programming. Others, like Dish Network Corp.’s SlingTV, are creating slimmed-down, online versions of the cable-TV bundle. Still others, such as Roku, are looking to be streaming-TV hubs in the living room, providing hardware and services that let consumers connect to and sign up for all sorts of streaming offerings,” Bentley and Sharma write. “So where does Apple fit in?”

“It is among the many companies that are playing in multiple categories. Its Apple TV+ service, announced last week, aims to create original programming… It also has a separate Apple TV Channels service, which is more of a streaming hub,” Bentley and Sharma write. “In some ways, Apple is emulating Inc., which competes with Netflix in original streaming entertainment but also runs Amazon Prime Video Channels, not unlike Apple TV Channels.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s well-positioned to be successful with Apple TV+ especially if they price it right and offer it as part of an Apple services bundle with choices of Apple Music, iCloud storage, Apple News+, etc.

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  1. After spending years lambasting telecom/cable/ISP companies for forcing large bundles, now MDN is cheering for an Apple megabundle?????

    No thanks.

    You could try to be consistent, MDN.

    1. CBS and others have a monopoly! If they won’t budge, you can’t really do anything! They learned from what Apple did to the music industry. They aren’t going to let Apple come in and do that to the TV/Movie industry! A bunch of crooks and monopoly! Apple should start their own networks for movies, tv shows, news and compete against them all!

  2. Maybe one of the competitors will offer a la carte channel selection, so I can get rid of the crap channels.

    Hell, I’d pay more for the ones I want just to know I’m not paying for those that I know are pure crap.

  3. Apple still won’t be competitive with Netflix if they’re going to censor a lot of their content to PG rating. Apple needs at least some R rated content. I hope Apple gets foreign films. Apple should also acquire some Korean dramas to take the place of DramaFever.

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