When Canadian police arrested Huawei’s CFO, they seized her Apple iPhone, MacBook Air and iPad Pro

“The chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Co. appears to have had a penchant for products by Apple Inc., one of the Chinese giant’s biggest rivals,” Natalie Obiko Pearson reports for Bloomberg.

“When Canadian police arrested Meng Wanzhou at the behest of the U.S. on a Dec. 1 stopover at Vancouver International Airport, they seized her iPhone 7 Plus, a MacBook Air and an iPad Pro, according to a court filing Friday,” Pearson reports. “Huawei has been known to get touchy when lesser employees have used iPhones — it demoted and cut the pay of two employees held responsible after the company’s official New Year’s greetings went out ‘via Twitter for iPhone.'”

“Her defense lawyers filed an application seeking a copy of the data stored on the equipment, and for those devices to be subsequently sealed,” Pearson reports. “The crown prosecution consented and the devices will be transferred ‘to the British Columbia Supreme Court Registry pending an assessment of solicitor-client privilege,’ Canada’s justice department said in an email.”

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MacDailyNews Take: People in-the-know don’t settle for knockoffs, even from the companies that pay them. They use the very best smartphones, notebooks, and tablets, not insecure fakes. Of course, like the rest of Huawei, she was probably taking copious notes from daily use about what to rip off from Apple next.

Huawei wishes followers ‘Happy 2019’ in a tweet sent from a real Apple iPhone – January 4, 2019


  1. We can criticize her for the use of Apple’s products because she is supposed to carry proudly the brand she is representing. Anyway she should be released. There is no reason to arrest her.

  2. So, you’ve seen the evidence against her? Of course you have.

    Go ahead and release her, judge Judy!

    After you do, please share the confidential details of the case with us. We want to know because, deep state and all that. Oh, and the Earth is flat…

    On second thought, let’s allow the Canadian and US judicial systems to do their jobs.

  3. It is immature to think copying is so NOT NIMBY. I had an interview for a video production company that never happened. Their truck was to get my portfolio into their hands (DVD had better quality and more content than my web space content).

    Also, when you find out Every major tech co. is providing backdoor for US govt, and most create technology For Military. Do you need to be coerced into believing that big data doesnt comb for big ideas and trends? Govt is run by influential business people who are in the business of securing future wealth. They have nothing else to worry about.

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