Apple’s video event may be a non-event for streaming companies

“Apple Inc. is widely expected to enter the highly competitive video-streaming market at an event on Monday, but Wall Street could react to the news with yawns,” Ryan Vlastelica reports for Bloomberg. “The announcement — which will detail a plan that Apple has been dropping hints about for weeks — is unlikely to be a game-changer for Apple or its competitors, according to analysts who said it would be hard for Apple to match video-streaming rivals in the breadth of original content it offers.”

“‘In order to move the needle with services such as video, Apple would need to add a business several times the size of Netflix,’ wrote Raymond James analyst Chris Caso in a March 14 note,” Vlastelica reports. “John Butler, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, said Apple’s move is unlikely to pose a near-term risk to the biggest streaming companies. ‘Apple is one of the largest companies in the world, so its entry can’t be ignored, but it is building its way into the streaming market rather than buying it through acquisitions, so it will take a couple of years until it builds up real scale,’ he said in a phone interview. ”

“One company that could see some upside from Apple’s entrance into the sector is Roku,” Vlastelica reports. “Needham analyst Laura Martin recently named Roku her top pick for 2019, in part because she expects Apple “will add any new streaming TV services to Roku” along with revenue sharing terms”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s see what it is, what it costs (if anything), etc. before settling on how eventful Apple’s original content foray will be for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, et al.

Dearest interns, please roll out that beautiful silver barrel. TGIF! Cheers, everyone!


  1. Disney has streaming locked up. No other company will come close. Imagine if Apple won the bidding for 20th Century Fox’s assets AND bought Netflix. Cupertino would’ve become the dominant player in streaming overnight.

    I guess Tim needs that $250 billion cash hoard for more stock buybacks.

      1. Dim Jingler grants us his useless insight yet again. Why don’t you just go be an artist and let the adults take care of things?

      2. the difference is an iwatch or an iphone is an electronic widget, which is something apple excels at. a streaming service with your own content is something else entirely. with a completely different set of creative and productive skills, not to mention a completely different set of personality disorders. ARTISTS not TECHNICIANS.

  2. Doesn’t MDN’s own take largely make the purpose of their site and the comments section here’s existence kinda redundant?

    I assume MDN will aspire to only report actual news in the future?

    Something about iCal?

  3. The pessimism is strong about Apple’s projects, as usual. Service not yet launched, but already deemed a potential failure. It may not be the greatest, but decent is certainly a possibility.

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