Inside Apple’s sports surveillance room that could change the way we watch live events

“On the second floor of a Silicon Valley office complex, in a conference room crowded with a dozen workers and three times as many devices, Apple is watching sports for you,” Jacob Feldman reports for Sports Illustrated. “”

“They’ve been at it for almost a year now, keeping an eye on minor tennis tournaments, spring training baseball, college lacrosse, even curling. The team manages the sports subsection in Apple’s TV app and its Apple TV interface, highlighting what’s available around the clock. But a well-programmed computer could pretty much deliver that,” Feldman reports. “The workers — including several sports industry vets and at least one former college athlete — look for newsworthy and unpredictable moments, sending notifications when the action gets exciting or deciding something is skippable. Alert users of a triple-overtime NBA game between two lottery teams? Nope. A fourth overtime? O.K., send it.”

“The goal is to offer the curated convenience of highlights without sacrificing the thrill of live. Don’t miss another moment, the pitch goes, but don’t wait for one either,” Feldman reports. “Technically, this meeting place is called Theremin. In this building on Apple’s Results Way campus dominated by Apple Music, every conference room is named after an instrument. But inside, near the only window and next to the women’s college basketball rankings, the spot has been rechristened. The name recognizes this industry’s geeky foundation while also setting this specific group apart. Welcome To The Sports Ball Room.”

Tons more in the full article – highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: You know those close game notifications you get on your Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, etc.? This is from whence they emanate.


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