“Flexgate refers to a design flaw in the ribbon cable connecting the body of the laptop to the display: that cable is supposed to flex with the opening and closing of the computer, but it’s wearing down too quickly with conventional use,” Vlad Savov writes for The Verge. “Uncovered by an iFixit report and named by one of the site’s users, this problem is dramatically compounded by the fact that the cable in question is affixed to the display — so the only means of repairing a fault with the cable is the total replacement of the display. Which isn’t cheap.”

“Apple seems to be aware that this is a problem. In a follow-up report on the 2018 MacBook Pro refresh, iFixit found that Apple had elongated the display cable design, ostensibly to get rid of the defect that plagued the 2016-and-later laptops that preceded that update,” Savov writes. “That change happened without any public acknowledgment, and, to this day, Apple continues to act as if Flexgate is not a real or widespread problem.”

“A petition, now numbering more than 15,000, would beg to differ. It calls for Apple to publicly recognize Flexgate as a design flaw, and to commit to repair all MacBook Pro laptops affected by it,” Savov writes. “I think that’s exactly what Apple should do, and it’s no less than we should expect from a company that touts its reliability and user satisfaction numbers any chance it gets.”

“I reached out to Apple repeatedly to try and get a comment from the company on the Flexgate situation, but have received no response,” Savov writes. “Worse, threads started by aggrieved MacBook Pro owners who’ve suffered the Flexgate calamity have reportedly been deleted from Apple’s support forums. Apple, I’d like to believe, is better than this.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, time will tell, but hopefully Apple has fixed the issue. We expect a company of Apple’s caliber will eventaully begin a program to fix flexgate-affected units for free!

This video explains the issue:

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