Twitter’s new prototype app ‘twttr’ launches to beta testers today; here’s how to sign up to test it

“Twitter’s new prototype application is rolling out to the first group of testers starting today, the company announced this afternoon by way of a tweet,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch. “The app, which Twitter is calling “twttr” as a throwback to its original name, was first introduced at the CES conference this January.”

“It aims to offer Twitter a more experimental testing space where the company can try out new ideas outside of its existing public network, gain feedback from testers, then develop new features as a result of what it learns,” Perez reports. “Initially, the new twttr app will focus on testing new designs for conversations. As the company demonstrated at CES, the prototype app will show a different format for replies, where conversations themselves have a more rounded chat-like shape and are indented so they’re easier to follow.”

“And, most notably, the different types of replies are color-coded to designate those from the original poster as well as those Twitter users you personally follow,” Perez reports. “This is meant to offer better visual cues to readers who are trying to follow a lengthier thread where, often, side conversations take place, or the original poster jumps in to clarify things or respond to individual tweets.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good. Twitter conversations are often more confusing than they need to be. Hopefully, this app will lead the way an to easier-to-follow Twitter for newbies and experts alike.

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