Here are the 36 U.S. states where Apple’s iOS is used more than Google’s Android

“We run lots of consumer surveys at PCMag, but today’s edition of The Why Axis is the first in a series of countrywide maps we’ll be running each of the next few Mondays to break down tech buying and usage trends across the nation,” Rob Marvin reports for PC Magazine. “We figured a good place to start is seeing which states are more loyal to Apple devices, and which states house more Android people.”

PCMag surveyed 2,033 US consumers in February on a variety of tech topics, gathering additional demographic data including state-by-state,” Marvin reports. “While the most recent comScore rankings show Android at 54.2 percent market share in the US and iOS at 44.8 percent as of December 2018, our survey found that only 14 states were predominately Android users compared to 36 for iOS.”

“Overall, 54 percent of respondents chose iOS as their smartphone OS of choice, 42 percent chose Android, 2 percent chose Other, and 2 percent chose None,” Marvin reports. “The states where Android won out in our survey were primarily less populous ones, including Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, and Wyoming. The states with the highest percentages of Android users were Wyoming at 66 percent and Hawaii at 61 percent… For iOS, the most popular states were Connecticut at 73 percent of respondents, Missouri at 72 percent, and Mississippi at 71 percent. In the states with the highest populations densities, the races were a bit tighter, but iOS still wound up with sizable leads. In California and New York, iOS had 58 percent in both states to Android’s 40 percent in CA (2 percent other) and 37 percent in NY (5 percent other.) Illinois was even wider at 63 percent for iOS and 33 percent for Android (4 percent other.)”

U.S. map, iOS vs. Android

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MacDailyNews Take: One very important finding was that 70% of respondents ages 18-24 use Apple’s iOS, while in the older 55-64 age range, 49% settle for Android, with a nearly equal percentage (47%) using iOS.

One platform’s future is obviously far brighter than the other’s.

In one of our local high schools, out of roughly 300 students who are known to have a cellphone, three (3!) are known to not have an iPhone (two Androids of unknown make (that the kids hate and keep well-hidden) and one flip phone to be used only for emergency calls). All of the rest have iPhones. Quote from a student: “It’s really bad to be green in Messages.” — MacDailyNews, April 11, 2018

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  1. I’m actually quite surprised that there’s a lot of iPhone users in the Trump MAGA hat states.! Thoughts for sure that those ‘billies would be using that Android crap. I still think NYC is the greatest city in the world, so I won’t give flyover country the benefit of the doubt just yet.

    1. Duh. Why would that be? Trump supporters are for the free market capitalist system, probably more apt to be entrepreneurs, smarter, most likely going to school for higher education, wiht even independent women thinkers,,, rather than democrat sheep following the crowd and taking DNC talking points and marching orders and believing CNN and PMSNBC FAKE NEWS, running with no proof of anything wrong that Trump has ever done. ? Are you going to be one of the lib followers who’s face is going to cave in when it is found that there is truly no collision? Are you going to admit this is a deep state witch hunt and thirst for power? Are you an AOC follower? Socialist? With all your supposed brain power? what a foolish thought. Grow up, what a dumb comment. thanks for the laugh. Bet you voted for the criminal Hillary or thought Obama truly deserved his Nobel Peace Prize. What a joke.

        1. In the modern world, “education” most often means “been to school a lot” as opposed to education
          …..speaking as one who is fighting the battle in the “education” system.

        2. You may be right, TKD, but I was specifically responding to Jr’s claim that Trump supporters are “most likely going to school for higher education.” That is demonstrably untrue.

    2. There’s nothing about living in flyover that automatically disconnects one from reality. I’ve loved my Apple products for years even though some of its users occasionally make obnoxious and ignorant comments about other users based solely on where they choose to live or choose to vote for. And remember, there are few greater proponents of Apple products than Rush Limbaugh.

  2. Wow astonishing, all I long we thought that Android has sold more phones than iOS, market shares of Android is higher than iOS due to cheaper price smartphones. However, it’s good to know that iOS users are way more beyonds than Android.

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