Rio Tinto in talks with Apple on next step of carbon-free aluminum project

“Rio Tinto is in talks to move into the next phase of an agreement with Apple, Chief Executive Jean-Sebastien Jacques said on Friday, as the miner looks to transition its aluminum business to tap a low-carbon economy,” Melanie Burton reports for Reuters. “Last May, Rio and Alcoa announced a joint venture, backed by Apple, to commercialize by 2024 a process that emits oxygen and replaces all direct greenhouse gas emissions from the traditional smelting process for aluminum.”

“‘At the end of the day, what we can see is the customers of our customers want to have full traceability on their products, and they want to make sure they have a carbon-friendly product,’ Jacques said on Friday at the unveiling of Rio’s new Amrun bauxite mine in northern Australia,” Burton reports. “‘The technology that we are developing is – instead of using the carbon anodes – is to use an anode made of ceramic so you would not consume any carbon, and you would not release any CO2 into the atmosphere,’ he said.”

“‘We are looking at the next wave of partnership with Apple,’ Jacques said, although he provided no further details,” Burton reports. “‘(We will show) that Amrun is part of the supply chain, so we can demonstrate from the bauxite to the aluminum in your iPhone or in your laptop, we fully understand the entire chain and that is consistent with what customers like Apple want,’ Jacques said.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Last May, aluminum giants Alcoa Corporation and Rio Tinto Aluminum announced a joint venture to commercialize patented technology that eliminates direct greenhouse gas emissions from the traditional smelting process, a key step in aluminum production. This is a revolutionary advancement in the manufacturing of one of the world’s most widely used metals.

Apple helped accelerate the development of this technology and the company has partnered with both aluminum companies, and the Governments of Canada and Quebec, to collectively invest a combined $144 million to future research and development.

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  1. Carbon is an element occurring in nature. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is required for human and plant life. Carbon is not bad. It is good, as long as used according to the Owners Manual. It is a resource Providence has made available to us to sustain and improve life. Despite all the religious extremist hatred of CO2 it is just fantastic stuff. It is safe to say there would be no Apple products and no Apple customers without lots of carbon.

    1. kent, arsenic and lead and mercury can also be found in nature. therefore I recommend you consume as much of those as possible. it would be good for everyone, wink wink. I will write you an owner manual according to selfish short term profiteering and will expect good trolls like you to ignore the big picture.

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