Pixar posts a dream job for Apple-loving nerds

“Pixar is looking for a good Mac nerd to join its support team,” Bister Hein writes for Cult of Mac. “If you’ve ever dreamed of working for one of the most iconic animation companies in the world, but don’t have any actual animation skills, this might be your best chance.”

“Pixar says it is looking for someone to join its Mac Team as a Frontline Support Manager,” Hein writes. “If you’re hired you would help deploy and support hardware and software for macOS, iOS, and tvOS operating systems for all Pixar employees.”


Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Have at it, guys and gals!


  1. As an incredibly creative and humble person, I’d be best suited for this job. Too bad that I am too busy being a world renowned artist of taste and repute. And modesty.

  2. I am super glad to hear that Pixar has not abandoned Apple products. I think I read that it uses non-Apple hardware for rendering. I was sad to have read that.

    1. I am bibipolar, and bibisecksual, and I am an artist that likes it both ways – oil and watercolor.

      I like to talk to myself on a regular basis – I love Tim Cook so much that I want to touch his apples. I like them apples and want to lick them. Yum!

    1. Render farms of the type Pixar (and every other animation studio uses) don’t exactly require high end equipment, so they get as much of the least expensive stuff that will do the job. Render farm software is pretty well dedicated to just one purpose, so the hardware doesn’t have to be too sophisticated.

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