Tim Cook says Apple is ‘planting seeds’ and ‘rolling the dice’ on future products that will ‘blow you away’

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said he has ‘never been more optimistic’ about where the company is today and where it’s heading,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg News. “In a pep talk to investors, Cook said the iPhone maker is ‘planting seeds’ and ‘rolling the dice’ on future products that will just ‘blow you away.'”

“Speaking at the company’s annual general meeting in Cupertino, California, Cook reiterated that the iPhone maker is still on track to double revenue from services in 2020 from the nearly $25 billion in 2016. Referencing speaking notes on an iPad, Cook touched on several of the company’s product categories,” Gurman reports. “He said eventually the goal is to lower the price on the $1,200 MacBook Air laptop with a higher-resolution screen and said there’s a ‘long, great roadmap of fantastic’ products related to the Apple Watch and AirPods. He indicated that more health features would come to the smartwatch.”

“Apple shares rose more than 1 percent in afternoon trading Friday in New York. The stock was down before Cook started speaking,” Gurman reports. “Cook noted that Apple bought 18 companies in 2018 and is constantly on the lookout for more acquisitions.”

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        1. I have no idea what Spank meant, life’s too short to decipher it, but for me Cooks endless pronouncements of great things to come are sounding more than hollow these days. Fool me once shame on you fool me a half a dozen times Mr Cook and I want to wring your scrawny neck. Just look in the mirror fella and come up with a different more convincing message will ya.

      1. Time Machine is schedualed for Spetember 2021.
        The world has never been the same since it shipped.

        In the meanwhile.. i love my AppleWatch, ApplePay, iPhone, and iPad pro……
        And for those who like mac os. there are the iMacs, iMac Pros and mackbooks…. and soon to come in a few months , Mac Pro Modular and Apple displays and then some.

        Some endless whiners on this forum seem to be living under a rock .

  1. I’m so weary of Tim Cook trying to maintain or build Apple’s reputation based on what they’re GOING to do in the future, especially when so much hardware is going so long without updates. He has played that card so often in the past five years that it feel really worn. And I say that as an Apple shareholder and a dedicated, evangelistic Apple customer since 1978.

      1. Yea, I used the original Apple II on the college newspaper I worked on. And used the original Mac 128k when I helped start the Orange County Mac Users Club.
        What about it?

        . . . now get off my lawn! 😉

    1. Yes, it is quite wearisome.

      And to hear a “we’re going to try” on lowering the price on the $1,200 MacBook Air laptop – – with allusions to it being because of its higher-resolution screen (per the article) – – the problem with that spin is that Retina displays on Macs have already been in production since 2012 .. .that doesn’t leave much in the way of the “production learning curve” remaining for an appreciable cost savings.

      Sounds like it was a real nothingburger speech. Again.

      …and the only dice rolling is if they can get away for another year of not reinvesting in their core Mac product lines.

  2. Tim, talking is easy. Update the Mac Pro among other forgotten products instead of promises. Or when you say “blow you away” means that you are getting people so desperate that they will be blown away because of the accumulated rage?

    1. Gee, let me think and choose one of the following:

      1- No end in sight PIPELINE PROMISES to comfort anxious shareholders during the iPhone DECLINE and keep your job.

      2- Real artists ship.

      Tough decision. But after careful consideration, I think It is beyond obvious to go with Door Number 1…

      1. Seeing as how many previous Mac Pro users the last couple of years have been “blown away” out of frustration to buying and using PC Workstations and are no longer “rolling the dice” waiting on Apple I think I see what Tim really means. No longer willing to wait on planted seeds to sprout when work needs to be done NOW.

        The time to plant seeds and do the heavy lifting should’ve happened years ago. You will certainly find fewer Mac Pro takers tomorrow than if you had been doing your jobs yesterday.

        1. Exactly right, Fesarius.

          Certainly, the only reality for Mac Pro users is the product upgrade cycle is approaching six years of NEGLECT.

          PRO PCs are light years ahead in performance and bang for the buck, as well as easy upgradability circumventing the Apple “premium products” sealed TAX. Have you ever heard a gamer brag about MAC PRO performance?

          My ALL MAC PRO employer went ALL PC PRO in 2013. Last month a new round of PRO PCs landed in my office. Windows 10 is as close to MacOS as you can get.

          Similar to politicians in the Washington swamp, don’t watch a politician’s mouth — watch their feet.

          Apple, you have not changed your PRO socks in years. If the Mac Pro Is toast and iPads rule, fine, respect your decision and simply say so. Right now Apple you are leaving millions of PRO customers twisting in the wind. It is insulting, disrespectful and unbecoming of the most successful company in history.

          NEGLECTING the “PREMIUM” Apple flagship product is simply UNACCEPTABLE …

          Now I know the fanboys keep posting Apple promised a new MAC PRO in 2019.

          Well, they also promised a lot of things that never made it to market. Wireless charging pad for example…

  3. AW, iPad Pro, No. 2 Pencil, Face ID, iPhone cameras and displays are all grown, to name a few. Looking forward to many new hits.

    In the visitor center there was a cool AR example. There was a large table holding a fairly simple model of the Apple campus. You could pick up an iPad then walk around viewing the campus through this viewfinder. Instead of the plain model you would see fully rendered buildings, landscaping with people walking and cars driving around. You could pole on a building and it would open to reveal the interior.

  4. How is it “rolling the dice” when Cook doesn’t release a single product that some other company hasn’t previously developed and brought to market at least 2 years before Apple makes a move???

  5. Tim Cook has not innovated one single thing since Steve Jobs passed away. If he does anything it will be just a modification of something that has already been innovated or something some other company has already introduced. Amazon, Samsung, etc….

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