When Apple’s iPhone doesn’t change, knock off-happy Android phone peddlers don’t know what to do

“When I gaze out toward the approaching Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, I can already tell you that it will bring perhaps the most diverse selection of smartphone forms, sizes, designs, and specifications we’ve yet seen. MWC 2019 will be defined by this diversity, with companies straining at the edges of conventional design to try and come up with an original idea, an attention-grabbing concept, or just a good old gimmick that will differentiate their product from all the rest,” Vlad Savov writes for The Verge. “In simple terms, things are going to get weird.”

“Over the many years that I’ve been attending MWC, I’ve also noticed two primary routes of advancement for the majority of phone manufacturers. Path A is to copy Apple. Let’s just be upfront about it. Copying the iPhone is how Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei — the three others in the top four global smartphone manufacturers, beside Apple — got their start, and it’s served many other companies well,” Savov writes. “Path B is to pursue being first without regard for much else. This approach assumes that the consumer is fickle, easily distractible, and unsatisfied with merely incremental improvements. The more dramatic the novelty and the more visually appealing and recognizably different it is, the better… Hence the introduction of the Galaxy Fold headline-grabber of this week.”

“After the major redesign of the iPhone with the iPhone X, Apple didn’t really do much of an overhaul of its smartphone in the fall of 2018,” Savov writes. “2019 is a path B kind of year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Path A is way to duping the world’s ignorati. Path B never works out very well. Regardless, get ready for some goofball Android junk!

Google’s Android before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple's iPhone

Cellphones before and after Apple iPhone:

cellphones before and after Apple iPhone


  1. In a way, it’s good to be an iPhone clone manufacturer. All they need to do is, at the least, match iPhone features and then undercut Apple in price. That should always be good enough to sell smartphones to consumers in emerging/poverty-class countries. Apple can easily be beaten with that simple formula most Chinese Android manufacturers are using. That strategy has basically destroyed overall iPhone growth. There’s no shame in companies copying Apple’s devices as long as they can sell plenty of units.

    Apple has no solution to that low-cost cloning strategy unless Apple offering that joint credit card with iPhones is their attempt at a solution, but consumers taking on more credit debt doesn’t sound all that enticing to me.

    1. What is needed is simply some artistic flair. It is what made Jobs, Jobs.

      There truly was a

      Steven P. Jobs, artist.

      Real artists ship, after all, so I am proud to be a fellow artist alongside the greats of history.

      It is but one small and genuinely humble way to be of service to wo/mankind.


      John of art

  2. This is so right. Apple has been R & D for the entire industry from the start, but ridiculously so since the Bondi iMac. It’ll be hilarious to see what the other idjits think people want.

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