Seven handy Mac tips you might not know

“macOS, the operating system that runs on Apple’s Macs, has tons of hidden shortcuts, keyboard commands, and features that have gone under the radar,” Juli Clover writes for MacRumors.

“In our latest video over on our YouTube channel,” Clover writes, “we dug deep into macOS and came up with a list of useful but lesser known tips and tricks.”

Clover writes, “You might think you know everything there is to know about the Mac, but we bet there’s something new here you’ve never come across or have forgotten over time, so make sure to check out our video.”

Seven handy Mac tips you might not know:

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’d do so love Emoji Quick Access on our Macs!


    1. The one time MDN finally posts a useful Mac related non political article, your first response is to display your cynicism?

      Think before posting. The other 99% of speculative bullshit and politics on MDN are deserving of your scorn. Not this article.

    1. And I appreciate someone realizing it’s in DEFENSE of the Mac.
      Everything else is just a peripheral with the iPhone maybe being an extension of the Mac.

      Along with many others I am patiently waiting for Apple to get back on track until ‘our long national nightmare is over…”.

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