Why would Apple make an iPad mini 5 now?

“The venerable iPad mini 4 still has its fans, despite its now somewhat odd position in the iPad line-up: more expensive than the 9.7-inch iPad, yet smaller and significantly less capable,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “Smaller can be a benefit as well as a drawback, of course. Some prefer the portability of the mini, and many parents like them as devices for younger kids, as they are easier to handle and thus less likely to get damaged by a fall.”

The iPad mini 5 is not going to be the most exciting of updates according to recent reports. Macotakara says informed accessory manufacturers indicate the new iPad mini will look almost identical to the iPad mini 4 design… Retaining mostly the same external design, it will purportedly keep the Lightning connector, Touch ID and the 3.5mm headphone jack. It will feature the same bezels and overall dimensions will not substantially change – Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac, February 19, 2019

“Since it appears that the spec of the iPad mini 5 isn’t going to be much of an improvement, the only way that equation changes is if the iPad mini gets a substantial price-drop,” Lovejoy writes. “The logical price point at this stage would be $299 – a full $100 cheaper than the existing model. If Apple hits that, then the new model will occupy a sensible point in the iPad line-up; otherwise, not.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Remember how, eventually, there was an iPod for everyone? Apple looks like they might have finally decided to make iPads for everyone, too!

The more devices you sell the more potential you have for services subscriptions (within reason; price it too low and you get the type of customer who’s more trouble than their worth, taking advantage of every bit of free services (support, base iCloud storage, etc) and never subscribing to any real services (Apple Music, usable iCloud storage, iTunes Match, Apple’s forthcoming TV streaming and news services, etcetera).

Anyway, just when Apple stops reporting quarterly iPad unit sales, iPad unit sales could be poised to go through the roof! Of course that fact doesn’t preclude Apple from dropping a nice number on us whenever they so desire during special events, press releases, or even during conference calls.


      1. I’m sure we can agree that profits are coming. At least some people are still satisfied with Apple (products). It is a free market; if people don’t want/ need it, they don’t have to buy it.

          1. Except for the millions who use it of course as I am right now. Why would I want a MacBook on my lap to do this or indeed all the other things I use it for while relaxing. Like saying why use a smart phone when you can use a walkie talkie.

        1. Hey bitch, watch your language. You should note that this is MAC Daily News… a website for Apple fanboys. Since you believe Apple and Cook are so terrible, isn’t you who is on the wrong site? Bye bitch!

    1. Dream on. If Apple cared about different users’ needs then they would still make 3 different models of iPod, Apple Cinema displays in different sizes, innovative Airports, and several better designed Macs. A reputable company keeps its products fresh.

      But as you should know, Cook doesn’t give a shit about pleasing customers with an array of optimized hardware. You will take whatever old design he is still pushing and you will like it. If you are so hooked into the Apple walled garden that you cannot step out into the greater world, then you are supposed to join the Apple bobbleheads with aging one-size-fits-all hardware designed 5+ years ago in Cupertino and lovingly slapped together at Foxconn one line over from all the other branded internet devices that get annual or biannual updates. Your formerly creative Mac digital world is supposed to be abandoned so you can rely on crappy Siri on your wrist.

      Apple leadership can’t walk and chew gum. This decade is all about forcing everyone to abandon personal data so you can suck on the rental cloud teat. Cook is in the process of blowing billions on netflix-wannabe subscriptions even while Apple’s software and hardware fall further behind. You’re supposed to pay Cook every month for media. The old hardware you used to like has been abandoned thanks to one trick pony Cook.

      1984 is here and Cook is on the wrong side.

  1. My mom loves her Mini 3 and really wants an updated version. I use my Mini 4 every night in bed. For me, a larger iPad is a little too big and the extra size is unnecessary. Can’t wait for the Mini 5!

  2. Why? Because its overdue !
    Is this guy clueless ? The Mini has 128GB for $399 US and is cheaper than 9.7″ with 128GB. Its already the “cheaper” iPad. If there was still 32GB version, it would be $299 like it was at launch.

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