Apple sued because two-factor authentication is inconvenient

“The class-action lawsuit, filed by one Jay Brodsky in California takes issue with the fact that two-factor authentication (2FA) can’t be disabled after two weeks of use, which ‘imposes an extraneous logging in procedure that requires a user to both remember password; and have access to a trusted device or trusted phone number,'” Alan Martin writes for The Inquirer. “Yep, that’s 2FA alright.”

“Because of this, the suit alleges, those affected by the scourge of added security ‘suffer harm’ including economic losses based on the ‘estimated 2-5 or more minutes’ that two-factor authentication requires,” Martin writes. “AppleInsider put this to its own stopwatch test and found it wasted just 22 seconds of the day on the endeavour.”

“That’s not the only reason to suspect the suit may fail to make Apple’s lawyers sweat. Firstly, the filer claims that a software update enabled 2FA in September 2015, but neither of the updates that came out in the window – macOS El Capitan or iOS 9 – did so,” Martin writes. “When later introduced by Apple, both require user opt in, but the suit alleges it’s forced on users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, puleeeze. If this one isn’t laughed out of court, no case ever will be.


  1. The funny thing is, half the time it doesn’t even work, especially with older devices. I will accept “allow”, but it won’t give me a prompt to enter the code.

    Or when you’re using it to log into your Apple account on another device and be verified with a code, it just keeps asking for your Apple iD, won’t prompt you for the code, and you can’t log in.

    Just another blip Apple users have swept under the rug these last 8-years. We’re so used to Tim Cook fuckups now that it hardly fazes us any longer.

    1. Funny thing is, I have 2FA activated wherever it is available, and I have never had any problem with it, let along the problem you describe. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, maybe you’re doing it wrong.

      1. Zerobrain isn’t “doing it wrong” – he’s just a half-wit troll who gets his cheap thrills by attacking Tim Cook and Apple as often as possible.

        Sadly he’s not focusing enough on winning his Darwin Award.

    2. Did your mother teach you to lie, or were you born with a natural inability to post any truth? Oh, excuse me, single celled organisms don’t have mothers. My bad.

      Since you just replicate asexually by mitosis, splitting off another you, you are in the unique position to answer the burning question: “How can you put up with yourself?”

      Really, we want to know.

  2. Never had any issues with 2=factor authentication, unless this moron constantly uses devices, browsers, etc other than his own and needs to authenticate with his apple ID, it was probably dumb of him to activate it. The simple solution is to make a new Apple ID and don’t enable it..

  3. It sounds to me that he tried two-factor authentication, doesn’t like it, and Apple won’t let him go back. That’s a valid complaint, but can’t he just create a new Apple ID? Or is there a downside to that?

  4. Shortly to be followed by another class action lawsuit, filed by the same Jay Brodsky, alleging that now that 2FA is disabled, his iDevice is too insecure.

    I shall now be filing my own lawsuit against Mr Brodsky for the injuries I have suffered, caused by the hysterical laughter prompted by his ludicrous litigation which has resulted in several pulled muscles, and a number of compression fractures of the forehead which are the result of repeated striking of the aforesaid appendage against the nearest available brick wall.

    I shall also be claiming for the distress caused to my two cats for having to endure the sight of me curled up on the floor in the foetal position completely incapacitated by the sheer comedy.

    Excuse me while I go and lie down in a darkened room and fan myself with a slim volume of literary criticism…


    1. There’s clearly more to this story than we know. His motivation is obscured at this point. I hope someone stays on this story. it would interesting to hear how it turns out.

    1. No, Mr. Brodsky will by filing suit against the makers of the automatic flush public toilets for automatically flushing too quickly before he can have the time to examine the pithiness and beauty of his latest production, such exudations of his body being the only truly creative things he’s ever been able to produce in his life, proven since age four through seventeen, when his mommie praised him for producing such lovely ones during his potty training.

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