What’s new in iOS 12.2 beta 2: Animoji, icons, Lock screen tweaks

“In beta two of iOS 12.2, Apple hasn’t slowed down,” Andrew O’Hara writes for AppleInsider. “There are a number of notable changes from the inaugural beta including new Animoji, updated animations, tweaked lockscreen, and more.”

“The most headlining feature of iOS 12.2 beta 2 is the quartet of new Animoji characters,” O’Hara writes. “Now users with a TrueDepth Camera System-equipped phone an record messages and strike poses with owl, shark, warthog, and giraffe.”

“There are also a few changes within Control Center, specifically the Music widget. The arced icon in the top right corner has been replaced by a responsive icon that changes depending on where content is being played,” O’Hara writes. “From the lockscreen, the date has now been replaced by the battery capacity —a move that will certainly be controversial.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Three is more than enough room to keep the date and simply ad the battery charge level to the Lock screen. Why remove functionality to replace it for another when you could easily have both?


    1. Animojis are one of the greatest accomplishments of Tim Cook, this past 8-years.

      He also brought us Force Touch, which sounds like something a perv would do on the subway.

      He also brought us Apple Watch, so folks would no longer need to come out officially to their parents. Because of Cook, if you want someone to know you’re gay… just show them your Rose Gold Apple Watch and share a heartbeat.


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