Apple again the world’s most valuable company

“Technology stocks led the upside in afternoon trading Monday. Top stocks in the Nasdaq 100 included Adobe (ADBE), up nearly 4%. It cleared the 250 level, which had been resistance in recent days,” Ken Shreve reports for Investor’s Business Daily.. “In the Dow Jones today, Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple (AAPL) were top gainers, rising more than 2% each.”

“The Nasdaq composite led the way, up 0.9%. The S&P 500 added 0.3% and the Dow Jones industrials was up 0.2%,” Shreve reports. “Shares of Microsoft were up 2.6% on the heels of last week’s earnings report. It’s trading near its 50-day moving average as it works on a cup-with-handle base. Apple, meanwhile, looked poised to extend its winning streak to four sessions.”

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MacDailyNews Take: After the flurry of activity in morning and early afternoon trading, Apple is again the market cap leader:

Current market values:

• Apple (AAPL): $810.546 billion
• Microsoft (MSFT): $809.955 billion
• Amazon (AMZN): $801.290 billion
• Alphabet (GOOG): $787.224 billion

And again all is right with the world.


  1. AAPL is the mirage of Wall Street.

    It’s looks shimmering, beautiful, and refreshing… there’s only one problem, it’s all an illusion.

    The most “profitable” company in the world’s foundation is sitting on a sinkhole. 65% of it’s revenue comes from a product that has actually been in decline for awhile now, but the effects are being manipulated with smokescreens, diversions, and clever jargon.

    Thousands of investors have gotten killed messing with this stock, for this very reason. If you want to keep betting that Cook can keep this juggling act going for awhile longer, do so at your own risk.

    1. Zeroloser is like some nightmarish, walking dead version of the movie Groundhog Day.

      Blah, blah, whine, whine, whine. Lurch. Repeat.

      Please ask your mommy upstairs to get you some psychiatric help.

    2. Hey, Zero: We should value the fine points of your opinion when you can’t even differentiate between “it’s” and “its”? Translation of your post: “65% of [it is] revenue comes from . . . .” C’mon, man!

    3. ZeroRandy is the mirage of MDN.

      He looks the opposite of shimmering, beautiful, and refreshing… and the thing is, it’s all true, as the Zero is a such a big zero he’s a minus zero. .

      The most “profligate” complaining wanqa in the MDN forum is sitting on a sinkhole created by his own elegant fartistry.

      65% of his BS comes direct from his colon, which has actually been in decline for a while now, but the effects are being manipulated with smokescreens, diversions, clever jargon and air freshener.

      Thousands of readers have gotten ultra bored reading his schlock, for this very reason. If you want to keep betting that ZeroRandy can keep this juggling act going for a while longer, do so at your own risk, because honestly, no one gives a crap about ZeroRandy’s crap except the putrid-colon owning ZeroRandy

    1. Apple needs to do something to stop its high volatility. Apple’s P/E isn’t very high, yet that doesn’t help. I think when a company can lose a third of its value in a couple of months, maybe there’s some major flaw in how the business is being run. As a long-term investor, that value drop didn’t hurt me at all, but it sure did come as quite a surprise. Big investors flee this company far too easily which shows quite a lack of confidence in the company’s leadership.

  2. I think today’s Apple’s market cap lead lasted for about ten minutes. I’m being sarcastic. When Apple was valued at around $1.1T, it was light years ahead in market cap value. Look at it now. Fighting for a billion-dollar lead in market cap. Absolutely pathetic being beaten by Microsoft which was on the ropes for years and has no mobile initiative to speak of.

      1. ZeroRandroid and Slagnothingcentseven48 are lovers in the art of losing. An accidental comedy duo who are actually trying to be serious, each tries to outdo the other by trying to prove who has the bigger Schwartz, but are no more than two bald men fighting over a comb.

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