Compal to assemble Apple’s next-gen iPad mini to launch this year

“Taiwanese manufacturer Compal Electronics is expected to be a supplier of the so-called iPad mini 5 when the tablet launches later in 2019, according to DigiTimes,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “This would likely entail final assembly of the device.”

“Rumors suggest Apple will release the new iPad mini as early as this spring, likely alongside a new seventh-generation iPad with a slightly larger 10-inch display,” Rossignol reports.

“Apple has debuted new iPads in March for three consecutive years, including the 9.7-inch iPad Pro in 2016, the fifth-generation iPad in 2017, and the sixth-generation iPad in 2018,” Rossignol reports, “so there’s a good chance that Apple will unveil the iPad mini 5 and the new 10-inch iPad in a little over a month from now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be very interested to see for whom Apple is targeting iPad mini. Would you be interested in a new iPad mini and, of so, why would you choose it over the 9.7-inch iPad or Apple’s iPad Pro models?


  1. I prefer the iPad mini to my 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

    This Would be especially true if Storage is bumped to 500 GB or Even 1TB.

    I find the weight and size of the iPad mini, just about right for everything I use it for: Connected White travelling, Reading, light E-Mail,

    All at a screen size and weight, closer to my iPhone, than my laptop.

    1. @iBob

      I have a mini too (plus a 9.7 Air 2, and a 1st gen 12.9 IPP). The mini is the perfect travel size and it’s the only iPad my wife will use.

      Having said all that, in 2019 it’s a stinking shame that Tim Cook hasn’t done a single solitary thing to enhance the iPad’s functionality.

      Out of all Cook’s foibles and misdeeds as CEO, his outright laziness when it comes to the iPad is both sad and unforgivable. IMO, this is THE one Jobs device that had the most potential. I don’t even think Jobs himself would forgive lazy Cook for this either.

  2. Size.

    My wife loves her mini 2 since it fits in her purse and can take it everywhere. The 9.7 is too big for that..

    For me, my XS Max isn’t big enough for all the reading I do on my commutes. My Air 1 is too big to whip out and stash quickly as I switch from bus to train. I use my Kindle Paperwhite a lot as it’s just the right size, but the screen sucks and somehow got a nick in it.

  3. The same way there really is a market for an upgraded SE, there’s a market for an upgraded Mini. News for MDN: BIGGER ISN’T ALWAYS BETTER. I upgraded my wife’s Mini 2 last fall to an iPad 9.7, and she is forever complaining about how it is bigger (so harder to carry) but not better in any measurable way for what she uses it for. She, like me, isn’t a fan of her iPhone 6 because it’s TOO BIG FOR HER HAND and the new X phones aren’t any smaller.

  4. My audiophile music server does not have a remote control. It provides an iPad app. I also use my iPad in that same room to control lights, and soon I hope to add a wi-fi ceiling fan and window shades. I would consider the new iPad mini for that room.

  5. As I have said before a iPad mini with a little work could be the perfect HomeKit control device, a whole new Raison de etre and potentially out flank and out compete competitors products who are already headed in this direction, but without the all round capabilities, flexibility and potential of the iPad… But only if done right, priced right and marketed correctly and perhaps providing options for accesories for expanding and enhancing capabilities. One can dream.

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