Apple’s AirPower charging mat said finally coming this year

“Glass passivated package (GPP) bridge rectifier orders for Apple’s AirPower continue to pull in, according to sources at related suppliers, who expect shipments for the wireless charger to boost further once it becomes available later in 2019,” DigiTimes reports.

“The Apple-designed wireless charging device was unveiled in September 2017, with the company originally targeting 2018 for launch,” DigiTimes reports.

“Lite-On Semiconductor has been shipping GPP bridge rectifiers for use in the forthcoming AirPower for over a year, the sources indicated,” DigiTimes reports. “Lite-On Semi continues to see its shipments for the wireless charging device remain insignificant, but shipments may see a substantial rise later in 2019, the sources believe.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring on AirPower, finally!


  1. The 3rd richest company in the world is late and much delayed in releasing a “commodity type” product. It’s this stuff yo-jim that happens often and frequently with “mission critical” products as well. These happenings and the voices that criticize them are not based on irrationality as you claim. These often basic and repeated “misses” are difficult to assimilate with a company of Apple’s riches, lauded management and renown history. I know you like your Apple Watch and iPad, but address these time-deficiencies with rationality, please.

    1. There’s an old Chinese proverb that translates: “Be careful what you wish for.”

      When this Airpower pad costs Cook 50 bucks to make and he charges us $1000, don’t be surprised.

      1. Actually, it would be less than $10 to make. I bought a charging receiver for my iPhone 5S for $2. My car has a charging pad built into it. I bought an additional charging pad for my desk for $5. Lots of neat stuff to be found on eBay.

        It all works great.

    2. AirPower is not a commodity product. It’s designed to simultaneously charge up to three devices randomly placed anywhere on the surface of the charging pad – no alignment required. Each night I charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and AirPods on my nightstand. AirPower will eliminate a tangle of cables and plugs at my beside. It will deliver signature Apple user friendliness in a single streamlined device that replaces three chargers and three cables. There isn’t anything on the market like this. I’d happily pay $150 for it.

      1. It’s vaporware. You describe how Apple claimed it should work, not what is available to buy. No matter what you’re going to have to see if your stuff is actually charging before walking away.

        If you live in Socal, no wonder you’ll pay a 10x premium for a me-too gimmick with an Apple sticker. I will sell you a $12 bottle of Pepsi if you’re thirsty, fanboy.

    1. The 2019 Mac Pro was always going to come out in 2019. The real joke is it won’t be available until Dec. 31st, 2019.

      Wonder if Tim Cook only recently noticed thay hadn’t delivered the charging mat or had designed it into another “thermal corner”. I’d believe it possible at this point.

        1. The only folks who whine that Apple overcharges are folks who lust after Apple products but can’t afford them. Sour grapes, nothing more. Sorry about your financial woes, pal..

          1. No pjs, there is a thing called value and some determine that at a certain price, the expense does not equate to the value.
            Using your logic, price is irrelevant because money is abundant and value isn’t part of the process. In the latter scenario, “throwing your money away” is a fitting phrase. That’s a different kind of woe.

    1. Why bother? Because millions of folks like me with an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods really want it and will buy it on the day it comes out. I can’t wait to get rid of the tangle of cables on my nightstand.

  2. Yawn, Pipeline late to the party again.

    I already bought a couple and they won’t cost me $50-$100 that Apple will charge.

    Pipeline can’t even deliver accessories on time and accessories have the highest margins in the store.

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